Republicans Have a Revolutionary Idea Regarding the January 6 Committee

The January 6 committee was set up by the Democrats to investigate the events of January 6, 2021. It’s all about destroying Trump and the America First movement.

Its members are all Democrats, apart from RINO lightweights Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

So far, the committee has proven quite lethal at spreading its propaganda throughout the government and media, working night and day to demonize and persecute Trump supporters.

The obvious response from the GOP would be to scrap the committee once they have power. However, a number of America First conservatives have a very different idea in mind about what to do with the January 6 committee.

A New Plan for the J6 Committee

Leading America First conservatives like Congressman Madison Cawthorn and Congressman Matt Gaetz have a different plan for the J6 committee.

If Republicans regain control of the majority in the upcoming midterms, they don’t want to get rid of the committee at all.

Instead, they want to flip the committee around and start using it to dig into investigating the left’s involvement in the events of January 6. There are certainly many questions that need to be asked.

Questions like:

  • Who exactly is Ray Epps and why was he let go with no punishment when he was crucial in allowing the breaching of the Capitol to occur?
  • What was the involvement of the Department of Justice in the events of January 6?
  • Why was Trump’s order to the National Guard to provide protection rescinded on that day and who gave the stand-down order?

These questions need to be answered. Cawthorn and others want to put these hard questions to the Democrats.

The left might find that it’s not as fond of partisan witch hunt political committees when the spotlight is turned on them.

The Future of the J6 Committee

Other Republicans like Dan Crenshaw say they would prefer the committee just disappear and be left alone. However, people like Cawthorn and Gaetz want to bring it back to life at the start of a GOP-controlled Congress next session.

In particular, it’s important to start looking at what role Nancy Pelosi played on January 6. Although she’s denied any involvement in a stand-down, and says it was up to the Capitol Police to decide what to do, we all know that Pelosi is the ultimate political insider.

Being asked to believe that high-up Democrats at the DOJ and in Congress had no power to lean on the police or influence what happened on January 6 is ridiculous. Of course, they did.

The American people deserve to find out what exactly happened and why.

The FBI has already shown it’s not willing to answer questions about what informants and provocateurs it had in the crowd that day. Trump supporters are rotting in jail without proper food, medical care, or having their day in court yet!

Newt Gingrich said those running the J6 committee shouldn’t just be worried about tough questions; they should be worried about jail time.

As Gaetz said, this committee shouldn’t be scrapped, it should be “taken over.” He’s exactly right.