Retired Detroit Police Chief Tells the Stunning Truth About Crime Wave

America is being run over by a wave of violent crime, especially in blue state cities.

People like socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laugh it off as “hysteria.” However, for those being gunned down, robbed, raped and assaulted, it’s far from “hysteria.”

It’s an in-your-face crisis.

Now, recently retired Detroit Police Chief James Craig – who plans to run for Governor of Michigan in the future – is telling the truth about violent crime in America.

The Democrats aren’t going to like what he’s saying one bit.

‘Criminals Are Emboldened’

Craig isn’t in the habit of lying or telling people what they want to hear just to make them happy. 

In recent comments about the crime wave, he said that “criminals are emboldened” in America today. Craig also said that part of the reason is a lack of sufficient support for the police and for strict laws. 

He points to bail reform as an example, which, as Craig points out, “is a miserable failure.”

As for the obsession with guns and restricting gun ownership in order to try to bring down shootings, robberies and crime?

“It’s ridiculous,” Craig says, noting that this goes nowhere near the “root” of the problem.

Craig explained that the United States does not have a problem with guns, but rather a problem with crime itself. 

This is so true.

It’s nothing to do with guns. It’s everything to do with criminals who want to rob, kill, and rape and aren’t being punished harshly enough.

Is this really so complex for Democrats to understand?

Detroit: Democrat Case Study

Detroit is the perfect example of a city that used to be great, but was driven into the ground by Democrat corruption. 

The city’s inner circle of fat cat Democrats slowly drained out all its wealth; they started taking deluxe vacations on union money, while the vehicle industry died under the weight of regulations and taxes. 

Meanwhile the city descended into chaos and crime which it’s still struggling to come back from. At the same time, Democrats passed pro-criminal policy and pumped money into social programs.

This did nothing to stop crime and just emboldened criminals more. 

Surprise, surprise. 

They are lucky to have a man like Craig who headed up their law enforcement and who’s thinking of running to represent Michiganders. Detroit – and the state – needs a patriot at the helm. 

What Do the Democrats Blame for Rising Crime? You Guessed It…

The Democrats blame skyrocketing crime on the same thing they blame almost everything for: guns and gun ownership. 

These Maoist, anti-American extremists believe that taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans in Wyoming and Texas will somehow stop illegally-acquired handguns from being used to mow people down every weekend in Chicago.

They think it will stop Mexican cartels from slaughtering people in the inner city of Los Angeles. 

It’s stupid and it’s part of an anti-gun agenda.