Revolution at CNN?

CNN has made a reputation for itself as a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and the American far left.

Take the summer of 2020, for example, when the network bizarrely called the arsonists burning down our cities “mostly peaceful.”

You can also take their hosts from Don Lemon to Anderson Cooper, who routinely hyperventilate on live TV about their supposed love of “democracy” and how Trump supporters are tearing America apart.

Though now CNN is having some very rapid and very significant changes; the left is freaking out.

Meet Chris Licht and John Malone

We recently saw leftist host Brian Stelter part ways with the network after many years leading the show Reliable Sources. Now, blowhard Democrat operative John Harwood is out as well.

The left is claiming the new chief of CNN, Chris Licht, is trying to turf hosts and employees of CNN who won’t tone down their strident attacks on the GOP and on conservative Americans.

There are some reports that Stelter himself was let go because he couldn’t stop his self-righteous attacks on Trump and Fox News.

This angered a man called John Malone, a man who owns a large number of shares in Discovery Warner Brothers.

The reports say he leaned on Licht to kick Stelter to the curb and pay out his contract so he could get gone. Did something similar happen with Harwood here?

Time for CNN to ‘Evolve’

As Malone said, he wants CNN to “evolve” with real journalists, instead of opinion merchants spewing hate all over live TV.

Malone said this would be “refreshing,” which is corporate speak for saying he’s sick and tired of the propaganda outlet that CNN has become.

Close associates of Malone say it has nothing to do with him and was a decision on Licht’s part. Yet, either way, it’s put a bee in the bonnet of the left and Democrats, who claim the network is undergoing a far-right takeover.

In particular, they point to medical advice that Licht received from Biden in the past, which he says saved his life from an aneurysm.

The fact he’s now “ungratefully” turning away from the Democrats is proof he is a bad person, according to liberals.

Shaking Things Up

Leftist try-hard Dan Rather raised alarm bells about what’s going on at CNN. Many other journalists and liberal commentators are suggesting a number of conspiracies about Malone pushing his weight around to shift the network.

Whatever the truth is, it’s clear that Licht isn’t comfortable with CNN remaining stuck in the mud ranting about Trump. He’s helping make personnel changes to reflect a more interesting and diverse newscasting environment at CNN.

As large supporters of diversity, surely the left can get on board with this.