RINO Mitch McConnell’s New Plan to Sabotage the America First Movement

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been a powerful political guy for decades here. His welcome ran out under President Trump, however, when McConnell’s two-faced political games caught up to him.

Trump told his base the truth about McConnell, even using curse words to talk about the Kentucky senator and warning people McConnell couldn’t be trusted.

As usual, Trump wasn’t just saying random things; he was telling a hard truth. McConnell’s desire to impeach Trump and join the Democrats in their political crusade against America First speaks volumes.

Now, McConnell is showing his true colors once again. Even though he’s still a conservative power broker in the Senate, he’s issuing a warning and threat about the upcoming midterms.

McConnell Sounds Off About Upcoming Midterms

The midterm elections are coming up in November and they are extremely important. Two years into Biden’s term, our country is barely surviving and the world is on the brink of nuclear war. This is far from a game.

Fortunately, Republicans have the highest polling preferences in half a century. We haven’t seen a surge of support like this since President Reagan.

Though McConnell doesn’t see it that way; he recently stepped in to say based on the “past,” he’s worried Republicans will “screw it up” by putting forward bad candidates.

First of all, McConnell is talking about a real thing: in 2010 and 2012, the GOP had a number of candidates who weren’t well-liked by the public. This lost the Republicans the chance to take over the Senate.

So presumably, that’s just something McConnell doesn’t want to happen again, right? Well, not completely. McConnell’s sneering remarks here are basically a middle finger to the America First movement.

He’s demanding the GOP only put through qualified candidates who he approves of, which basically means one thing: McConnell wants nice, middle-of-the-road RINOs who are sufficiently bought-off and controlled by donors to do his bidding.

He’s scared of a true America First revival taking place.

McConnell’s True Allegiance

McConnell is a part of an older Republican party, pre-Trump. It’s all about cutting taxes, funding foreign wars, and playing nice with the left. It’s not at all prepared for the culture wars of today.

He simply wants things to remain “civil” and for things like McConnell’s ongoing and long-time friendship with Joe Biden to remain a norm in American higher politics.

That’s no longer the world we live in, however, and McConnell knows that.

This is why he hopes to elect candidates who talk a good game but are, at heart, RINOs: people like Dan Crenshaw with real conservative creds, but who turn on gun rights and America First when they get the chance.

The Bottom Line

A red wave is coming; let’s just make sure that McConnell doesn’t have its way and make it purple.