Russia Launches All-Out Assault into Ukraine

Russia launched a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of February 24, hitting multiple cities with cruise missiles, rockets, artillery attacks, and bombing runs.

After amassing over 190,000 troops all around Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack, just as the US finished speaking at the United Nations.

Amphibious landings occurred in Odessa as the Ukraine navy was incapacitated; missile strikes exploded in Mariupol, Kyiv, Kramatorsk, and Kharkiv.

Ukrainians sheltered in place and fled for bomb shelters, as the full fury of the Russian military has now been unleashed on their country.

The response from Joe Biden and NATO has been nothing but threatening more sanctions.

Russia’s Wide-Ranging Assault

Moving from all directions, Russia has been hitting Ukraine with shelling and bombs, claiming their “targeted” attacks are avoiding civilian casualties.

According to Ukraine, hundreds of civilians have already been killed by Russia, as well as 40 soldiers.

There are no reports on casualties yet from the Russian side; although Ukraine released drone footage of liquidating large amounts of Russian BTGs (Battalion Tactical Groups).

This is the biggest military action Russia has taken since its 1979 war in Afghanistan. Putin threatened anyone who intervenes with consequences they have “never experienced” and talked about Russia’s nuclear strength in the same threat.

As sirens blared in Kyiv, people ran for cover, trying to get on any operating buses or trains to get to bomb shelters. Biden’s only response was to threaten more sanctions and say Russia will be held “responsible.”

It is unclear what he means by that since Biden said he would respond by day time of February 24, but the Russian invasion was already well underway by 05:24 hours in the morning of February 24.

Ukraine’s President Responds

Russia posted a photo of Ukraine’s presidential office in a ball of flames. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky appears not to have been killed and put out a statement, saying this “full-scale war” will not destroy Ukraine.

As Russia invades, they will see the faces of Ukrainians, not their backs, Zelensky vowed in an address where he pleaded with Russians to turn against their government’s plan for war.

An attempt to phone Putin just prior to the invasion by Zelensky was met with dead air. Putin hung up.

In a speech as the invasion rolled out, Putin claimed he’s looking after innocent people in eastern Ukraine and “de-nazifying” and “demilitarizing” the rest of Ukraine.

Putin and Russian propaganda long claimed Ukraine is full of Nazis because they have a tiny minority of neo-Nazi battalions who are loyal to WW2-era Nazi-sympathizing leader Stefan Bandera.

Using this as one of the pretexts, Putin vowed to overthrow the Kyiv “regime.” It’s worth noting Zelensky himself is Jewish; although this has no effect on the propaganda of the Putin regime.

Pray for Ukraine.