Russia Loses One of Its Top Generals in Ukraine War

The war in Ukraine is now in week two.

Thousands of soldiers and civilians have died. Although exact casualty counts are not clear at this time, cities like Kharkiv have been flattened and other areas of Ukraine are under heavy Russian attack.

Though what has made the most headlines internationally is that Ukraine didn’t just back down when Vladimir Putin rolled into their backyard. Instead, they took up arms and defended their country.

The result has been a much slower advance than Putin hoped for; although he claims all is still going according to “plan.”

This is clearly not true, and a recent announcement that Ukraine killed its second Russian general is hurting morale in Moscow.

Taking Out Russia’s Top Generals

On the last day of February, a Ukrainian sniper took the life of Russian Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky.

This man was a key part of Russian operations in Ukraine. He was an international war criminal who participated closely in the genocidal campaigns against the Syrian people.

In Ukraine, Sukhovetsky was in charge of the 7th Airborne and co-leader of the critical 41st Army. His death from a Ukrainian bullet did not go over well in Moscow, which is running into more and more problems with their equipment, troops, and morale in Ukraine.

This was supposed to be a quick war, followed by a quick surrender; instead, it’s turning into Russia’s second invasion of Afghanistan, a failed invasion that broke the Soviet Union.

Now, Putin has gotten even worse news after another Ukrainian sniper took out top Russian General Vitaly Gerasimov. He was the chief of staff for the 41st Army, which is slowly being crushed into the ground as its top officers are taken out.

Who Was Vitaly Gerasimov?

Gerasimov was the chief of staff for the all-important Russian 41st Army.

He helped keep the war machine running. Ukraine is now reporting his death in Kharkiv at the hands of a Ukrainian sniper. Russia is denying the reports.

It’s important to keep in mind there are two General Gerasimov’s, a common surname in Russia. Vitaly Gerasimov is not the same as Valery Gerasimov, who is Putin’s military chief of staff and safely away from the fighting with the rest of Russia’s entitled elites.

This isn’t the Gen. Gerasimov who serves as military chief of staff to Putin and was recently seen meeting with him on camera.

That’s Valery Gerasimov, who’s basically definitely nowhere around the frontlines or even within Ukraine. The KIA is Vitaly Gerasimov, still a big fish.

Russia Cracks Down on Free Speech

As these kinds of losses mount, Russia is cracking down on free speech, giving huge jail terms for spreading “disinformation” inside Russia.

It clearly wants to suppress this kind of information coming out. When top generals are being killed in active combat, you have a real problem on your hands.