Russia Threatens to Invade Finland

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started almost three months ago. According to Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, it’s a “special operation” to get rid of Nazis and protect ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine.

The rest of the world watches with horror as Russia rampages through Ukraine, killing civilians and committing numerous war crimes. Though the world has also been inspired by the fierce resistance and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people and military.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is comprised of various European countries, the United States, and Canada. So far it stayed out of the war, except to offer weapons and support to Ukraine.

However, there’s no doubt NATO made this invasion much harder for Russia.

However, not every European country is part of NATO. Two nations that aren’t included are Sweden and Finland. As a result of Russia’s invasion, both said they plan to join the alliance.

Yesterday, Putin flipped his lid when he heard Finland is in the final stages of directly pursuing NATO membership.

Russia Threatens War

According to Putin’s top representative, Dmitry Peskov, if Finland goes ahead and officially joins NATO, there will be “military” and “technical” responses.

On the technical level, that just means more cyberattacks and attempts to hack the electrical grid, which we’ve already seen. This is a serious threat, but it wouldn’t be new. Russia has been doing that for years.

The military side of Peskov’s threat is where things get dicier. Would this mean an invasion? A nuclear bomb? Sabotage and terror attacks inside Finland or against strategic targets?

Even though Finland is not yet part of NATO, it does have military agreements with America and others.

Will those come through if Russia invades, bombs, or begins sabotaging Finland’s infrastructure and military assets?

Could This Be World War III?

The truth is an invasion of Finland could have consequences we can’t even begin to imagine at this point.

The media’s outcry and the international system of western countries and NATO would go absolutely berserk. There could be a military draft, economic collapse, hyperinflation, and a slide into an all-out global conflict.

Finland’s point of view is obvious: they are already feeling threatened by Russia on their doorstep. Therefore, they see no downside to joining NATO and enjoying the benefits of Article 5 and collective defense.

Finland is a small nation and they need all the help they can get. They have fought bravely in the past, including destroying invading troops of the Soviet Union in the Winter War of 1939 to 1940.

However, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. Russia has a million-man army. It has over 6,000 nuclear weapons. It has a leader who may or may not have cancer and is going off his rocker with insane plans.

Has the US Promised to Protect Finland?

Even more worrying is that apparently, our Secretary of Defense, Antony Blinken, made some sort of promise to Finland.

What exactly are these? We need to know now.