Russia’s Troop Levels on Ukraine Border Now at Almost 200,000

US intelligence said Russia was about to invade Ukraine a week ago and it didn’t happen. That’s caused some people to believe military action won’t occur in eastern Europe.

However, there’s reason to think Russia still plans an assault, and even larger than before.

There is now the largest troop buildup since World War Two on the border of Ukraine, with an estimated 190,000 troops and massive amounts of tanks, aircraft, and artillery ranged on the border.

Will There Be an Invasion?

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is a leading authority on Russia-EU relations. It now reports the troop buildup, which doubled since January.

There are troops in many areas along the border, including in Crimea, next to eastern Ukraine, in Russia-linked Belarus, and in many other areas, including special operators.

Russia said it was pulling its troops out a week ago, but that turns out to have been untrue. In fact, they were pouring in more assets.

Russia recently said it found evidence of mass graves in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas, which could be used as a casus belli (justification of war).

Intelligence agencies are also worried about other possible false flags which Russia may create to justify an invasion in the coming days.

Russia Won’t Back Down

The OSCE asked Russia to deescalate and Biden sent VP Kamala Harris to try to reduce tensions. Meanwhile, Russia is not playing along and not interested in the threats of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the West.

The truth is Russia is a much more nationalistic country than the nations of the EU. Its people deeply distrust the West, including the United States.

Russia’s military has the ability to do enormous damage and also to plunge our current economic situation into complete disaster.

Joe Biden knows this and warned about severe sanctions on Russia if they invade. Biden now says the chance they will invade is “very high.”

The Current Situation Report

The current situation report is Russia looks ready to invade and appears to be taking logistical and strategic steps for an overwhelming sweep into Ukraine. This would humiliate NATO and crush Ukraine rapidly with enormous bloodshed.

The irony is we were told for years under President Trump that he was working with Russia and emboldening Vladimir Putin. However, the truth is Trump had respect; Biden has none.

Voters thought Biden and the left was a return to normal, but never realized they were a return to pre-Cold War chaos.

Under our Democrat administration and the squishy Klaus Schwab globalists of Europe, Russia feels only one thing: disgust. They are now poised to launch the largest invasion of Europe since D-Day. Be careful what you wish for.