San Francisco Renames Area Schools – With Some Hilarious Mistakes

LGBT Pride Parade San Francisco 2009 by davidyuweb is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Is there no end to progressive silliness? Sometimes you just don’t know whether to laugh or shake your head – or both.

It’s become so over the top and insane that all the normal people in this nation now look like Tucker Carlson when a wokester is talking on his show: mouth agape and an expression like you’ve just seen an alien.

Who are these people?

Excrement-covered rainbow zone San Francisco is the latest to make the nation laugh out loud. The city’s school board is renaming a number of schools to get rid of the names of bad racist White people like…George Washington.

But in the process of scrubbing out all American history they have managed to expose their extreme ignorance about…actual history.

San Francisco Sunset by SF Brit is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Never Let Facts Get in the Rid of a Good Social Justice Campaign

San Francisco’s School Board renamed more than forty schools in their district, erasing names of schools named after Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, George Washington and more.

If you’re White and you did something heroic in American history? Bye bye, colonizer.

Even Dianne Feinstein is having her name scrubbed from a school. Maybe it was the way she dismissed the concerns of those Sunrise Movement climate activists several years ago. Unforgiveable!

The embarrassing thing is that these progressive Zoom loons made a number of extremely stupid errors in their spreadsheet explaining the errors. For example, the school board said Paul Revere was taken off because of his actions against the Penobscot Indian tribe of Maine. Except Revere’s leading position in the US drive to get the British out of the Penobscot area of Maine had nothing to do with the Penobscot tribe. Oops.


The school board got rid of Feinstein for supposedly evicting a bunch of Filipinos from an SF neighborhood when she was mayor…except she wasn’t mayor during that time. But…details.

They also mixed up historical things about Abraham Lincoln, accusing him of butchering Dakota Indians when in fact he saved over 200 from being executed. The list goes on and on.

But who needs to let facts get in the way of a little virtue signaling progressive power trip down renaming lane, am I right?

There are many more mistakes in the explanations given that are actually alarming as well as hilarious. Are these actually the people who run education in San Francisco? Because they sound like random people on a YouTube comment board – except stupider.


If you’re a conservative or right-of-center person who lives in the San Francisco area I have only two things to say to you.

One, I’m sorry. And two: it’s only a short drive to sell your home and leave the city forever as soon as possible.

For everyone else living in San Francisco might I suggest starting a new organization? You could call it SLIME (San Francisco Losers Independence Movement Establishment). The goal? Immediate independence.

Since San Francisco is so woke and righteous let it have the freedom it deserves. The entire urban area could become its own nation and show all the rest of us how it’s done. They could recognize their privilege until the cows come home, and let the poop-covered streets and weird leather rainbow marches happen three times a day.

SLIME could rename the schools after transgender activists and names of drugs.

“Hey kids, are you ready for your first day at Xer Eternal Gender Justice Elementary School?”

Imagine a big, proud sign: Welcome to Meth High School.

Have at it guys (sorry if I misgendered you), and good luck!