San Francisco Reporter Goes to Report on Crime, Gets Robbed

Car Break In by moohaha is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Don Ford is a respected television reporter in the San Francisco area.

He works for the local channel KPIX, which is a CBS affiliate.

San Francisco has been experiencing an ongoing crime wave and is full of drugs, disorder and chaos.

While its woke school board is busy scrubbing Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s names off schools and focusing on how to force kids to learn about all 1,000 genders, real people who still have the misfortune to live in SF are dealing with rising crime and dangerous, mentally ill homeless people wandering the streets at all hours.

Ford wanted to take an up-close look for viewers and show them how bad the problem is around their city.

In other words he wanted to report real news, which he deserves credit for, especially in these days where the standard of reporting has fallen so far.

Ford got more than he bargained for however, after his news report quickly spiraled out of control and he was held up at gunpoint.

Market Street, Tenderloin, San Francisco, California by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

What Happened?

San Francisco is not a good place for curious people. Look around and see too much and you’ll get shot or beaten to death.

There have been an increasing number of attacks on the elderly and passersby in recent months, including the brutal death of private investigator Jack Palladino who saw a sketchy car and photographed it. The occupants – who were criminals – saw him do that and then dragged him down the street and murdered him.

When it comes to this reporter Don Ford, he wanted to show people the growing problem of car theft in San Francisco specifically.

Carjackings have been massively increasing around the city and people steal cars in the middle of the day and even while people are stuck in traffic.

For that reason Ford went to report on car break-ins in the Twin Peaks neighborhood, a place known for its high amount of car break-ins.

Ford was going to talk to residents who live in the area when a fancy white car pulled up and four gangsters jumped out. One shoved a gun in Ford’s face and threatened him, then stole his video camera and drove away.

Defund the Police?

San Francisco keeps focusing on things like defunding the police and gay “pride” and legalizing drugs, and it’s become a truly nasty place. When Ford went to show what normal people have to deal with his life was at risk from heartless criminals who would have shot him dead without a second thought if he’d resisted or it had been more convenient.

Things have reportedly become so bad in some parts of San Francisco that some residents put signs on their car dashboards simply begging criminals not to steal their car. It doesn’t work, obviously.

What does work to stopping bad people is force. Overwhelming force. Just like bullies who only back down once they get punched hard in the face, criminals and psychopaths only back down when they find that the cost of their actions is extremely high and that they will be severely and grievously punished for any attempted crime.

But California is going down the opposite, leftist road: soft on criminals, hard on victims.

California right now is working on legislation to reduce penalties for gun crime while also making it harder to legally own a firearm in the state.

Even as gun toting psychopaths like those who held up Ford roam the streets with impunity and drag elderly men to death like they did to Palladino, the ghoulish leftist politicians in Sacramento are doing their best to make sure ordinary Californians have no recourse to protect themselves and are left at the mercy of drugged-up demons.

Progressive policies kill people.

This is not a joke and anyone who isn’t angry isn’t paying attention.