Sarah Palin is Back!

Sarah Palin is a woman who most of us remember from her 2008 run for vice president alongside the late Senator John McCain. His choice of Palin caused controversy, but Americans loved this lady.

She was tough, she was direct, and she was patriotic. She wasn’t a well-heeled polished establishment figure who spent her days sipping cocktails.

She was a Mama Grizzly from Alaska who loved our troops and our country and wasn’t afraid to show it. The left despised Palin, leveling disgusting personal attacks against her and her family.

Democrats accused her of every possible thing they could dream up. However, now she’s back, and there’s some very good news for Palin fans.

Sarah Palin is Running for Congress!

On Friday, Sarah Palin made a big announcement: she will be running for Congress to replace the slot left behind by the late Congressman Don Young.

Speaking of her decision, Palin said she will be “honored” if she is chosen to represent Alaska.

Young represented the Land of the Midnight Sun for 49 years in Congress as a conservative Republican, but passed away at age 88 on March 18. In 2019, Young became the longest-serving person in the House of Representatives.

Alaska’s small population affords it only one representative; although it gets two senators. Young was often called Alaska’s “third senator” and built up a powerful reputation over the years.

Palin said she deeply respects Young and his “big shoes to fill.” She also said she shares the same “passion” for America and Alaska that he did.

Palin’s Political Path

Palin is from Wasilla, Alaska. She got voted onto its city council three decades ago. She rose her way up to eventually become governor of Alaska in 2006 and then ran for vice president with McCain in 2008.

Palin is a charismatic woman who many people underestimate. The left thinks Palin is stupid because of the gaffes she’s made on the campaign trail. However, she’s a proven warrior against corruption.

Palin helped clean up a lot of red tape and shady business in Alaska’s oil and gas industry.

She has a big reputation in the GOP and was also instrumental in the Tea Party movement. In recent years, however, Palin has kept a fairly low profile.

Yet, the fact remains: patriotic Americans love Sarah Palin. She’s the only other conservative politician who inspires anywhere near the level of popular support as President Trump.

While someone like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a well-respected and incredible conservative leader, neither he nor anyone else has the kind of crowd appeal and charisma of a Palin or a Trump.

The Bottom Line

37 individuals are running for Alaska’s one and only House seat, but Palin’s chances look very good.

Do you look forward to having this woman in Congress?