Seattle’s Huge Homeless Crisis Leads to Horrific Incident

Blue states are becoming worse places to live by the day. Nowhere is that more true than on the West Coast. California is going so far down the socialist rabbit hole that it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

As for Oregon and Washington? They’re full of sky-high real estate prices, social liberal insanity and tons of drugs and homeless people. Take Seattle for example, where an estimated 5,500 homeless people live on its city streets. 

There’s plenty of help for them, of course, but the mental health issues and substance abuse makes the problem a little harder to solve than just throwing money at it. Now, an awful crime in downtown Seattle is bringing to light just how bad the homeless crisis is there. 

Attempted Rape at the King County Courthouse

Several days ago a lady working at the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle was assaulted by a homeless guy lurking intentionally in the ladies bathroom. He tried to rape her, but the woman managed to get away after a police officer walked by and heard her screaming for help. 

The guy who tried to rape the woman just recently got out of almost two years in jail for randomly sexually assaulting people he walked past on the street. Looking further back in the assailant’s record gets even worse; he had been charged for numerous groping incidents and sexual assault situations in the past. 

Why was he back out on the street? Sorry, I almost forgot: because Seattle is in a blue state run by liberal lunatic, rapist-loving Democrat scum. 

A History of Violence

Just the downtown area near the courthouse in Seattle has been the scene of an awful amount of crimes and violence. Employees at the courthouse have tried to ask the city of Seattle to do something about the massive nearby homeless camp because people from it wander around and do violent, insane things. 

Last month a homeless man was found dead at the homeless camp, slashed and stabbed dozens of times. Then you hear about this attempted rape by a homeless sex offender and it just gets worse and worse. 

None of this is random, either. Seattle has cut funding to police; all the anti-police propaganda, Antifa and BLM goons are stopping the ability of cops to effectively maintain order. 

Blue State Breakdown

Seattle’s situation is just the latest example of blue state breakdown. Biden used the COVID relief bill to bail out a lot of these states, but the political and social rot goes too deep. 

Too many of their citizens have elected people who won’t stand up to the mob. Even Washington Democrat Governor Jay Inslee marched with the mob last summer while telling everyone to stay indoors due to the virus. 

These liberals in charge of blue states are not serious people and it’s leading to rape and murder.