Secret George Soros Agent Exposed in Biden’s Cabinet

The Biden regime has been a disaster for America. In every single way, our country has lost the wealth and stability we enjoyed under President Trump.

We have sunk into a dark place with no light visible yet at the end of the tunnel.

Biden and his inner cabinet are pushing for a radical transformation of our nation. They want us to become globalized, centralized, de-industrialized, and de-Americanized. In a recent speech, Biden even used the term “New World Order.”

This is no mistake or slip of the tongue from Biden. It’s the guiding ideology of these anti-American fanatics.

Now, one of the top agents of international saboteur George Soros has been exposed high in Biden’s cabinet:

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has deep ties to Soros and his treasonous “open democracy” foundations.

Blinken’s Bald-Faced Treason

Blinken has been at the head of our government’s negotiations on Ukraine; he is the one who did everything he could to escalate tensions with Russia.

He’s even talked about Putin’s baby brother, Viktor, who died at one-year-old in Leningrad during World War Two.

Blinken knows this is a very personal topic for Putin and enrages him. He also knows the idea of Ukraine joining NATO enrages Putin, which is why he pressured Ukraine to keep it as a bargaining chip in the lead-up to war.

However, when Russia invaded Ukraine and started shelling civilians and bombarding its cities, guess where Blinken and Biden were? Sitting in an office somewhere, watching Ukrainians get blown up, while earmarking a few weapons crates to head to Kiev.

These are sick, cowardly people who love to start a fight, but never to finish one.

Now, part of the motivation for why Blinken helped lead Ukraine into hell as a human shield bargaining chip is being exposed: Blinken has longstanding and deep ties to the Soros crime family.

Blinken’s Soros Ties Exposed

George Soros is a Hungarian American investor and liberal activist who’s crashed entire economies by betting against their currencies. He’s wanted as a war criminal in Russia and Hungary for treasonous actions and espionage.

However, in the United States and many western countries, Soros is embraced by many upper elites. That includes Blinken’s family, whose parents, Vera and Donald Blinken, are top supporters of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Soros’ large number of organizations have helped organized color revolutions and overthrow governments from the Republic of Georgia to Ukraine.

He’s been deeply involved in trying to force countries like Poland, Hungary, and more to become progressive, left-wing societies.┬áBlinken himself is under criminal investigation in the small nation of Albania.

In particular, Blinken falsely accused the former Albanian leader Sali Berisha of corruption and crimes in order to get rid of him. The reason is simple: Berisha doesn’t want Open Society stuff in his country and opposes Soros.

Blinken is Soros’ message boy, creating havoc around the world in order to advance Soros’ sick globalist agenda.