Senator Joe Manchin Just Ended Biden’s Presidency

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin just ended the Biden regime.

By stating he will not and cannot support the Build Back Better bill, Manchin just put a stop to Biden’s biggest policy proposal and made the next two years of Biden’s presidency irrelevant.

We will probably continue to see tyrannical executive orders raining down from the old man’s Oval Office; however, with Manchin’s refusal to vote for BBB, Biden can’t get the needed Senate majority to make this law.

We can all thank God for that.

Progressives Lose Their Marbles as Manchin Blocks Their Bill

Progressives are furious that Manchin said he won’t back the bill, something he announced live on Fox News.

When this breaking story was reported by other liberal networks like ABC and MSNBC, you could actually hear hissing and sighs from the liberal commentators.

Build Back Better is a monster bill, far larger than the official $2 trillion price tag. The bill contains a lot of Green New Deal policies, including a civilian “climate corps” to help fight climate change.

It also has a huge amount of handouts to Democrat special interest groups. Things like “community service” groups were set for the payday of their lifetimes as part of a blood pact with the Democrat Party to keep supporting them in elections.

This is the way the left always does it: get control of government, fire up the money printing press, and then hand it out to bribe voters. Manchin no longer wants to be part of that evil machine, which is why his party now hates his guts.

Why is Manchin Not Voting for BBB?

As Manchin said, he wasn’t ready to vote for Build Back Broke (or Build Back Barack) because it’s a waste of money. He couldn’t go home to West Virginia and explain to people why he felt it’s a necessary bill.

It’s a Democrat boondoggle socialist nightmare. Manchin also used the left’s own arguments against them, noting this stretch of a COVID outbreak again isn’t the right timing to support a massive spending bill.

With inflation on the rise and people worried about money, how could Manchin look voters in the eye and tell them he had to spend even more so Democrat donors in inner-city Chicago can get bigger checks?

Not going to happen…and thanks to the 50-50 split Senate, Manchin is the one who gets to say it. He said while he found Biden good to talk with, he just “can’t” side with a bill like this and support such a “mammoth” spending spree.

Biden Snaps Back at Manchin

After Manchin saying he won’t back the bill (which was told to the White House by one of his staffer’s half an hour before his Fox appearance), Biden snapped back furiously. He wrote a letter saying Manchin flipped his position and lied.

The White House press secretary also hissed that Manchin’s refusal to vote in favor is a betrayal. She said if he’s no longer willing to reach a “compromise,” it’s an “inexplicable” change that Biden and his team find very upsetting and a “breach” of trust.

Good. The Biden regime doesn’t deserve consistency or honesty; they’ve already let all of us down enough.