Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana Humiliates Biden with Hilarious Alien Joke

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is a rock-solid conservative. Even though he has a name that sounds a lot like a famous Democrat, this guy is increasingly becoming a famous Republican!

The reason, in part, is Kennedy has a great sense of humor. He comprehends standing up to the left can’t only be done with facts and logic. It also needs to be done by making fun of their lies and misleading behavior.

Kennedy’s latest jab at the left has the whole country laughing. He went on Hannity via Fox News and made a hilarious joke about what’s going to happen if we get contacted by aliens.

Kennedy Has Some Questions About Extraterrestrial Life

There’s been a lot of buzz out there the last year or two about ETs and UFOs. Regardless of your position on it, a lot of people have been talking about what would hypothetically happen if aliens make contact.

Would they be good or bad? Would they even understand our languages here on earth? What other things should we be prepared for if little green men start swarming us?

Well, Kennedy has a comment about one potential problem here in America regarding aliens. Specifically, what would we do when they asked us to take them to our leader?

As Kennedy observed, if we took them to “our leader” Joe Biden, it would be downright “embarrassing.” He’s absolutely right. The aliens would probably die of laughter. Out of our whole country, that’s the best we could come up with?

It is embarrassing!

Kennedy Cracks Down on Democrat Defeatism

As Kennedy said, we need to keep in mind that the Biden regime is not just something conservatives and patriots dislike for emotional reasons. Biden and his clown crew have failed provably on many things.

They have left our border open; they shamed and stained our honor in foreign policy. They also let COVID spread beyond belief, while pushing a totally ineffective, experimental “vaccine.” They let inflation get so bad that Americans are beginning to panic.

Yet, now Biden wants to talk about “voting rights” and play the race card? He even recently lied about growing up in the “black church.” This guy should never have been put in as POTUS.

Kennedy Cranks It Up a Notch

Going further in his criticism, Kennedy said while Americans know our country isn’t “perfect,” they’re also realistic.

They know America is a very good country. It’s a country that cares about its mistakes and has taken more steps in civil rights than most nations around the world.

As Kennedy noted, the idea that those who are against Biden are racist is shameful and untrue. Leftists need to understand the number of black conservatives is growing by the day and their narrative is wearing thin.