Senator Josh Hawley Calls Out Woke Rot Infecting Our Military

Senator Josh Hawley is a strong national conservative. He’s not interested in the RINO game or in the various fake conservatives who try to worm their way into patriotic movements.

He actually loves America and believes in standing up for our Constitution and our values. For that reason, Hawley has been vocal in his support of President Trump and the MAGA movement.

He’s made it clear that he’s more interested in supporting our nation than in scoring cheap points by repeating what the left wants him to.

For this, Hawley’s been harassed by the liberal media and Antifa, who have even staged disgusting protests outside his home. Now, Hawley is taking it to the next level, calling out the woke rot ideology that is beginning to infect our brave military.

Our Military Can’t Afford to Go Woke

As Trump has said previously, everything woke becomes “sh**.” This is 100% correct. When a company, state, or government decides to embrace the anti-American, racist ideology of the far left, it quickly goes financially and morally bankrupt.

With the looming threat of red China and growing threats from a destabilized Middle East and South Asia in Afghanistan, we cannot afford to play games. Our military doesn’t have time to have its morale sapped by insane anti-white and anti-American ideas spread by the left.

Sadly, however, that’s exactly what’s happening, with leading figures like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley saying troops should be learning about critical race theory and finding the roots of “white rage.”

Whatever the hell that means, Hawley is having no part of it, and recently called out Milley and his insanity.

What Did Hawley Say?

Hawley commented that Milley and people like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are too interested in “white rage,” CRT, and are letting our troops down. Hawley’s proof? Our troops were recently badly outshone by British troops during a large war drill in California.

This is shameful! We kicked British butt in 1776 for a reason: American spirit! To see we’re now sinking down to the level of a standard run-of-the-mill military is completely unacceptable.

As Hawley said, China is “wondering” exactly how we expect to be taken seriously if our top military leadership is seriously even considering woke ideas about race and criticizing our own country. It’s so insane and stupid.

As Hawley said, our military is the best. Full stop. All branches of our Armed Forces make every other army in the world look like peanuts in comparison. The military must not become a “giant social experiment,” as Hawley said.

The Bottom Line

Hawley is right. Let our military train and fight. Stop filling their minds with ridiculous nonsense. America must be number one again.