Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee Exposes the Truth About Biden’s Border Agenda

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is a strong voice for America. She’s one of the many Republicans who’ve stood firmly by President Trump and refused to bend to the leftist agenda.

Blackburn doesn’t care about political correctness, she cares about the truth. Her latest statements have patriots clapping their hands and shouting “USA!” after Blackburn fully exposed the truth about Biden’s border crimes.

Living in a Border Town

As Blackburn said on Sunday on a prominent New York radio show, Biden is turning every town in the US into a “border town.” No matter what state you live in, you also now live in a “border state.”

With millions of illegals already entering the US this year (and thousands per month let out with no court date), what Blackburn is saying here is no exaggeration.

She’s 100% right and what she says has big implications for ordinary Americans just trying to live their lives.

The reason is simple: all the pressures, crime and confusion that are present at the US-Mexico border will now be coming to small-town Ohio, North Dakota, or Tennessee.

Nowhere is safe. These illegals are being bused everywhere and disappearing into thin air. Where will they show up next and what will their behavior be?

Can we really trust the Biden regime to deport them when it can’t even protect the physical border itself? Fat chance.

The National Security Side of the Border Crisis

Blackburn also pointed out this isn’t just about the humanitarian and health crises of letting thousands of unknown people per day into America. There’s also the national security side.

We know at least a dozen individuals who were on the terrorist watchlist, including people from Yemen, have already been caught at the border.

Who else is coming in from the south who we haven’t even caught? What if they attack America and we never even knew they were here?

As Blackburn says, while some people believe this is just an oversight or poor leadership, Tennessee residents in her state are telling her that to them, it looks like this is all “intentional.”

After all, with its enormous resources, why can’t the Biden regime seem to do anything to shut this down? Why was the border even reopened at all in Del Rio a few days ago? It should remain closed until the crisis is fully resolved.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is we should be thankful for brave patriots like Marsha Blackburn. The left will tell you she’s just trying to score political points with her base.

Although, the truth is that it’s not easy for anyone to speak out against the leftist agenda these days. The accusations, threats, and pressure are enormous.

Let’s all throw our full support behind patriots like Blackburn and add our voices to the chorus. Secure our border now! No more invaders coming into this country!