Senator Rand Paul Says What We’ve All Been Thinking, Liberal Media Gasps

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has faced the violence of the left head on. 

In the summer of 2017, he and colleagues were shot at by a crazed leftist during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. 

Then in the fall of 2017 his fanatical liberal neighbor viciously assaulted him, causing broken ribs and severe injuries to the Republican senator. The media lied and said it was related to a “yard dispute.”

Now, Paul is speaking out about the childish and reckless violence of the left and saying what so many of us are thinking.

His latest comments come as songwriter Richard Marx (who Paul correctly notes “no one’s ever heard of”) incited violence against the senator and led to him receiving suspicious white powder and increased death threats. 

Marx’s tweet said he would buy drinks for Rand Paul’s neighbor if he ever met him and give him a hug. 

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

‘Hundreds of People on Twitter Every Day are Wishing me Violence’

Paul said that Marx’s stupid tweet is far from the biggest issue and “hundreds of people on Twitter every day” wish violence on him and his family. 

Yet, despite Twitter’s supposed policy against violent threats “they leave it up” and said Marx’s tweet “doesn’t violate their policy.”

Paul noted that he “almost died” from the attack and the infections and lung surgery he needed after his neighbor’s assault; he then adding that if Twitter is allowed to leave up this kind of garbage then it obviously “hates conservatives” and Republicans and doesn’t want them on the platform.

Saying he’s “tired of it,” and “tired of them allowing this,” Paul said what many of us have been thinking:

It’s time to stop blaming violence and radical political behavior on conservatives, since most of it clearly comes from the left. 

Paul said the solution could be for conservatives to all quit Twitter, and it sounds like he’s definitely ready to do so. 

Paul recalled his painful memories of being at the 2017 shooting where Representative Steve Scalise was almost killed and five others were wounded and said he’s “sick and tired” of the left’s violence and hate. 

He’s also done with putting up with the left-wing media blaming it on Trump and conservatives. 

Who Would Hate Senator Paul?

President Trump joked about Rand’s crazy hair and funny behavior, but who could actually hate this man? He’s perfectly well-intentioned, intelligent and kind. If you disagree with his beliefs, fine, but why would somebody be trying to kill this nice man?

The dark heart of the left is truly on display when you see their hate for people like Paul. 

He said he won’t be getting the COVID shot because he already had the disease and lunatic leftists like Marx went nuts, starting this latest avalanche of hate. 

Pray for Senator Paul and his family as they face the leftist mob. It’s important that conservatives always know they’re not alone when facing evil.