Senator Ted Cruz Exposes Horrific Sex Trafficking Being Enabled By Biden Administration

The crisis on our southern border can’t be over-exaggerated. Ever since Joe Biden came into office, sending mixed messages about illegal immigration, an increased number of illegal migrants have swamped the border.

The vast majority come from Central America and Mexico. They pay off traffickers to get across.

The millions who tried to get across last year are greatly enriching horrific cartels who directly profit from bringing dangerous drugs into America, human slavery, and sex trafficking.

Now, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is blowing it all wide open.

Biden Doesn’t Want You To See This

Two days ago, Cruz tweeted the Biden regime is empowering Mexican drug and sex cartels who make major bank off the backs of illegal immigrants.

Cruz isn’t letting this one go. He pointed out many young women and minors are raped as a price of traversing the border by cartel animals who then throw their panties on tree branches as kinds of trophies.

Many take Plan B pills before even trying to get across, out of the knowledge they are likely to be forcibly raped or gang-raped as a price of admission.

House of Horrors

This is only one of the sick practices of sexual, physical, and financial violence.

It is carried out by cartels as they exploit the crisis on the border and try to get drugs into the US, while exploiting young girls and women, as well as poor laborers.

Even left-leaning Amnesty International estimates around 60% of females crossing from Mexico into the US experience rape as a result of their attempts to enter the country.

This is a rape epidemic, along with the sick rape trees that celebrate victimizing young women.

Is This All Biden’s Fault?

Of course, this isn’t all Biden’s fault. Our border is broken and our immigration system needs a systemic and major overhaul.

Yet, at the same time, the lack of true concern or action from Biden or Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is truly alarming.

Trump worked hard to crack down on human traffickers, partly aided by his daughter, Ivanka, who attended various high-level meetings about combating the problem more effectively as well.

There are some ways to start protecting these victims more, including the T visa put through in 2000, amidst the passage of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act.

Still, the crucial thing right now is to stop this sex and drug trafficking going on at the border. Punishing illegal immigrants is not the way to do it; that just raises the price of their entry and the abuses the cartels can accomplish.

Punishing the cartels is the key. Cartel rapists should be a focus of apprehension by law enforcement. They should be publicly castrated and face the death penalty for trafficking fentanyl, drugs, and human beings into the United States.

That’s at least a start.