Sending in the Military to Tackle Gangs

Gang violence, drugs, and crime are a problem all around the world. They are tearing apart our cities and streets; the surge of illegals over the southern border is making the situation worse.

One of the nations where illegals come from is El Salvador, which is currently in the middle of an epic crackdown on criminal scum.

Military Deployed To Battle Gangsters

President Nayib Bukele recently deployed the military on criminals in his country after a police officer was killed in the north of the country.

Bukele deployed over 5,000 soldiers and 500 police officers to the northern town of Nueva Concepcion to find the people responsible and kill or capture them.

As Bukele said, any “collaborators” and “gang” members in that area would be found and “pay dearly.”

Praising the “hero” police officer murdered by the gangsters, Bukele made it clear that he’s not playing around with cracking down on crime in his nation.

Taking Out the Trash

El Salvador has huge problems with gangs. Bukele has gone strongly against them since the spring of last year. Last fall, 2,000 soldiers and police chased down cop killers in a town south of the capital and arrested 50 suspected criminals.

Various basic rights have been suspended in order for the army and police to get these guys in jail or dead, instead of continuing to terrorize the small Central American nation.

Over 68,500 suspected criminals and those helping them have been arrested since last spring under the emergency powers. The emergency powers were extended several days ago.

The Bottom Line

Homicides in El Salvador are down dramatically since Bukele started his crusade. Streets are once again safe that used to be overrun by gun battles and out-of-control criminals.

Leftists in the United States and worldwide say Bukele is going way too far and cry about the rights of these gangsters.

What about victims’ rights? This is a roadmap for fighting crime in America; sooner or later, we will need to go all out and clear our high-crime areas by force.