Sex Assault Case Against CNN’s Don Lemon Moves to Next Stage

When it comes to the talking heads at CNN, Don Lemon is one of the worst. His shrill arrogance, combined with his mocking tone of voice, makes him unwatchable.

Still, for millions of liberals, Lemon is their daily dose of self-righteous leftism that they inject straight into their veins. For the length of his program, they get to bask in feelings of superiority and believe the real problem with the world is conservatives.

Those Lemon fans are in for a bit of a rude shock, however, since their idol is allegedly not such a good boy behind the scenes. New sex harassment charges are now moving forward against Lemon from an incident which allegedly happened in the summer of 2019.

What Did Lemon Allegedly Do?

The allegations against Lemon come from a man called Dustin Hice. Hice says the wrongdoing happened at Murf’s Bar in the east of New York City. This is in the upscale Hamptons neighborhood of New York, where Lemon lives in a luxurious home.

According to the complaint, Lemon approached Hice and began masturbating under his pants. He then put his fingers under the man’s nose, pushing Hice’s head back and demanded to know whether he liked “p***y” or “d**k.”

Lemon allegedly kept jabbing his fingers into the victim’s face while aggressively asking this question about the man’s sexual orientation. This case is expected to reach court by January of 2022.

This comes many twists and turns through the court system, including delays caused by COVID which snagged up many normal court schedules.

Hice Slams the Liberal Media’s Double Standard

Since coming forward with his story, Hice has been ignored and made fun of by the liberal media. The case hasn’t been touched with a ten foot pole and Hice says it’s because he’s a man, so it’s not taken seriously, despite it being a “disgusting” attack.

As Hice noted in TV appearances, he doesn’t want to get famous or be recognized in some way for coming forward; he simply wants to hold a predator responsible for his “vile” behavior.

It’s absolutely true that if Lemon did this, he needs to answer for it. Sticking your fingers in your genitals and then shoving them repeatedly in a stranger’s face is completely repulsive and repellent.

Cuomo, Lemon, Toobin and the Perverted CNN Crew

CNN just can’t catch a break these days. Not only are its ratings in the toilet as usual, but practically every second host is being accused of awful sexual behavior.

You have allegations against Chris Cuomo now making headlines for allegedly grabbing a woman’s buttocks in front of her husband and sexually propositioning her. Now, you have these accusations against Lemon moving forward about him trying to sexually assault a man at a bar.

Let’s not forget CNN’s top legal guy Jeffrey Toobin also masturbating on a conference call and getting fired (then rehired) by the disgusting network.