Shock Announcement: Over 1,000 US Citizens Still Trapped in Afghanistan

Even most Democrats agree Joe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan was a complete disaster. It’s hard to ignore the facts when they’re staring you in the face. The Afghan government and military collapsed in a matter of days.

Massive amounts of expensive US military equipment and vehicles were left behind and got into the hands of Taliban terrorists. Perhaps worst of all, tens of thousands of our own citizens were stranded behind enemy lines.

Others were flown out in complete chaos and horror at the last second while being closely watched by the Taliban. The thing is that not all Americans did get out. Also, new information about just how many are still trapped in Afghanistan should have patriots enraged.

More Than 1,000 Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan

According to the US State Department and the Biden regime, there are only about 100 or so Americans still hiding in Afghanistan. However, an organization whose job is to try to help get Americans out (called Plan B Afghan Rescue) says the Biden regime is lying.

Jean Marie Thrower works for the Afghan Rescue team; she said there are actually over 1,000 Americans still trapped behind enemy lines and running out of time. Thrower said the Taliban is searching very carefully to find them and also still looking for any Afghans who collaborated and helped NATO forces.

So, Biden and crew say there are about 100 Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, someone working directly with those on the ground says it’s closer to 1,000. Who are you going to believe?

It’s obvious the Biden regime simply wants to downplay what’s going on and try to make us all forget about the situation. That’s not going to happen.

Meet Congressman Greg Murphy of North Carolina

Congressman Greg Murphy is a Republican from North Carolina who’s doing what he can to save people from Afghanistan. He said they have helped 740 Afghan allies get out of the country, as well as any Americans they can find.

Murphy says Biden’s response to their efforts has been “deplorable” and the State Department has done almost nothing to help. Many Americans are deep in hiding, and allies who helped us are also in direct fear for their lives.

The Taliban are definitely trying to find them and will kill them and their families if they do.

US Citizens Still Trapped

State Department spokesman Ned Price said a “few” private flights have taken off with US citizens. However, he won’t specify on numbers and it’s clear this isn’t a priority for the Biden administration.

Exfiltration to get Americans out by land has also taken place; yet, the Biden regime reportedly just sat on the other sides of safe borders to wait while volunteers and other teams did the actual dangerous work.

The American people need answers now. We need to know exactly how many Americans are still there and what is being done to rescue them. If Thrower is correct, then there’s a hell of a lot of work still left to do.