Shocking Fact Emerges About Biden and the Liberal Media

Joe Biden is now being called “hidin’ Biden” because of how few appearances he makes in front of the media and how seldom he does interviews.

This man has now not been in front of any questions from reporters for over three months, in fact: 100 days!

While Biden reacquaints himself with the wallpaper in his Delaware basement, the rest of us are watching our country and the world slide into chaos.

Why is hidin’ Biden ducking the media so much? Aren’t they on his side anyway?

Biden’s Media Problem

Biden’s media problem started from the very beginning.

The media tried to cover up the fact that he’s senile and not in any way fit to lead the country. Though their lies and obfuscations stacked up so much that eventually, they had to admit they’d sold our country a bill of goods.

The guy is completely unfit. It’s not only that; he has family connections including his son, Hunter, who is totally compromising our national security with adversaries like China.

Once these truths started to come out, the media was caught in its lies. The media then turned around to try to be a bit less nice by covering up their flattery.

Even Biden’s last interview in early February of this year with NBC’s Lester Holt was too tough for him.

He got huffy when Holt asked him one semi-tough question. Since then, Biden has been hiding from reporters who could ask him anything he doesn’t like.

Arrogant, Angry, and Aimless

At this point in his term, Biden deserves a AAA rating: Arrogant, Angry, and Aimless.

On the few occasions when he has commented to reporters on his way out of the White House, his sarcastic and angry comments made no sense.

When he’s said almost anything else, it’s come across as exceedingly arrogant with no concern for anyone who disagrees with him.

Even his AAA-rated VP Kamala Harris has done more interviews than him, with 88 under her belt. Biden’s only done 23 so far.

Here’s the thing: it would be perfectly fine if Biden wasn’t doing interviews because he was too busy taking action and fixing our problems. Barack Obama did over 170 interviews while the media worshipped at his feet and we know what a disaster he was.

However, Biden isn’t skipping the media because he’s hard at work. He’s skipping the media because he knows he has nothing to offer.

Biden also knows he can’t control his temper when he’s called out on his lies and mistakes.

The Bottom Line

We’re now at a highly ironic point in modern American political history. Biden is a media-made president who’s scared of the media.

The spotlight they tried to use to make Biden look good has unintentionally exposed him as an incompetent fool.