Shocking New Accusations Against Congressman Madison Cawthorn

Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina is the youngest member of Congress at only 26, but his short career may soon be coming to an end.

There have been a number of strange developments in the past few weeks regarding Cawthorn. The latest accusations against him have the potential to destroy his marriage and his political career.

From accusing other politicians of inviting him to cocaine-fueled orgies, to a photo of Cawthorn in drag, there have been a lot of scandals swirling.

Though the latest allegations against Cawthorn are so shocking that even his strongest supporters are increasing calls for him to step down.

What Are the New Accusations Against Cawthorn?

Video has surfaced of Cawthorn flirting with his male scheduler, Stephen Smith, including saying he wants his “naked body” under him. Smith then puts his hand near Cawthorn’s genital area while they are together in a vehicle.

Other messages have also come up, showing Cawthorn giving Smith thousands in presents and loans with messages like “quickie at airport” and “nudes” attached to the payouts.

There are even a number of photos showing Cawthorn and Smith in various activities, including snowmobiling, with Smith having his arm around Cawthorn in a romantic pose and similar scenes.

A group called Fire Madison Cawthorn released the videos. This group says Cawthorn has broken the rules of ethics by giving presents to an aide and having an affair with an aide.

An official complaint has been filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Cawthorn’s Troubled Personal Life

Cawthorn married his ex-wife, Cristina Bayardelle, in the spring of 2021 and divorced her eight months later. Cawthorn and Bayardelle went to the ultra-rich Arab country of the United Arab Emirates for their honeymoon and its city of Dubai.

Smith joined them on that trip.

It’s unclear if Cawthorn and Bayardelle’s later divorce was related to Cawthorn’s alleged affair with Smith or his apparent desires as a bisexual or gay man.

It’s clear there are political actors on the left and RINOs who want Cawthorn gone.

Though at the same time, it’s also clear these accusations aren’t just fake and there is some merit to these claims, including the video evidence.

Cawthorn presented himself as a traditional Christian who opposes gay marriage and drug use. However, he has been seen in videos and in photographic evidence engaging in apparent gay relationships and using drugs.

The Bottom Line

I will continue to follow this story and the developments on Cawthorn as they become proven or disproven. For the time being, things are definitely not looking good for this young congressman.

The chance that Cawthorn resigns is getting higher by the hour. At the same time, if he comes out as gay, shouldn’t that mean the left now approves of him and he’s some kind of brave hero?