Shocking New Details About Racist Murder Suspect in Waukesha Parade Massacre

On Sunday, a man in a red SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha. Those who have watched the video will be haunted by the agonizing screams for months to come.

The bloodthirsty domestic terrorist attack killed at least five and left more than 40 injured, as of this writing. The suspect arrested in the attack is a 39-year-old black supremacist called Darrell Brooks.

An ex-convict, pedophile, and violent racist, this individual is actually a rapper who goes by Mathboi Fly. He has made various violent and degrading music videos, featuring his red SUV.

The Truth About Suspect Darrell Brooks

A quick look through Brooks’ history exposes a very sick individual. He’s firmly anti-Trump and has a long record of being a black supremacist who believes other races are inferior. He’s also part of the belief that Jews are evil, fake people who deserve to be mass murdered.

This guy is truly a sick individual. He was also convicted in Nevada for sexually assaulting a child who he said he was pimping out for money in the sex trade.

Let’s be clear: this crime is still under investigation and we don’t know exactly what Brooks was trying to prove by allegedly mowing down kids and families out to enjoy an evening in Waukesha. What we do know is this man was certainly on the left and certainly a racist.

We know Brooks literally supported Hitler and the cable news still will barely talk about him or mention that. If he was a white guy who had driven into a parade of black people, we would still be hearing about this on a daily basis by the year 2500.

We also know the attack took place in Wisconsin, the same state which is full of leftism in places like Milwaukee and has been torn apart by the Rittenhouse verdict.

The Leftist Media Holds Some Responsibility

For years now, this nation’s leftist media has been working to increase division and hate. They slandered Rittenhouse on a daily basis and cheered on the people burning down our cities and committing violence.

People like Brooks are the results of this psychological warfare, a generation of psychopaths bred by a lying, Soviet-style media that wants to destroy this country.


The Left Responds

The response from the left has been to bury this story. It’s already out of the main headlines on cable news. Others have openly celebrated it, such as Illinois Democrat Party social media director Mary Lemanski, who said it was “karma” for the Rittenhouse verdict.

She has since resigned her position, but it’s obvious to all of us watching she’s not actually sorry. These people are sick. They provide cover for domestic terrorists and give anti-white, anti-American hatred a safe harbor in our country.

Meanwhile, we have to hear from Biden about how “white supremacy” is supposedly the main threat in America? We are living in some very sick times.