Shocking New Development in Case of Teen Girls Who Killed DC Uber Driver

IMG_6421 by {Futuretester Jason Tester} is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

A video of two Black teenagers carjacking an Uber driver and smashing him into a wall shocked the whole internet last week. 

Despite the media’s attempts to talk about an ongoing “White supremacy” problem and supposed right wing extremism against Asians, the reality of the situation hit home for many people. 

Poor neighborhoods and inner cities are being swept by a wave of horrible violence, especially against Asians, immigrants and minorities. And a lot of the violence is not coming from White people at all. 

People who saw the video of 66-year-old Pakistani-American Mohammad Anwar cried out for justice. His brutal murder called for a response, despite the fact that the girls who tazed him and drove him to his death were only 13 and 15.  

But now something very horrifying – and sadly predictable – is happening in regards to the case. 

Police Line – Police Tape by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

DC Police Chief Makes Excuses for the Criminals

The acting police chief for DC is a Black man called Robert Contee III. In a recent interview on television he stated various excuses for what happened, attempting to make the issue of carjacking more vague and make it clear that he does not believe either girl should be tried as an adult. 

“That’s one of many. We have one for that particular – one of the individuals involved, but there are several carjackings that we have had so far this year where we’re seeing individuals that are involved in multiple, multiple cases,” Contee said.

“So clearly I think that speaks to us really examining, as a community, the accountability that’s in place. You know, how is it that someone is charged with carjacking or is responsible for carjacking commits another carjacking and another carjacking? I think it’s the larger issue than just this one particular case.”

If you want a translation of that legal-speak nonsense what he’s saying is actually simple:

The man who died isn’t the problem here. We need to focus on anti-Black racism and poverty and how it leads to crime. 

Imagine the police chief of a large majority-Black city like DC believing that!

‘The 15-year-old Would Not be Charged as an Adult’

Contee wasn’t done with his pro-criminal propaganda statements, either. Going on in the interview he said that:

“The 15-year-old would not be charged as an adult. You know, obviously, this is a tragic case and, you know, charging this person as an adult who’s a juvenile … does not bring back the lost loved one in this case.”

Who ever said it would bring a loved-one back? What it would do is provide a small measure of the proper punishment to a reckless and uncaring teenager who could easily murder more people if let back out on the streets. 

Isn’t this guy supposed to be a police officer? In what kind of upside down country does the head of a police force make excuses for criminals?

Sadly it’s all too predictable and part of a definite pattern. Black DC Mayor Muriel Bowser put up a video on twitter just after Anwar’s murder talking about the danger of carjacking and how it’s always best not to put up a fight. 

In other words she was implying that Anwar got what was coming to him for not just handing over his car. Because we all know that progressive Democrats want you to have no right to defend yourself and just submit meekly to their mobs of criminal scum all over the streets. 

No thanks, Mayor Bowser. And no thanks Police Chief Contee. 

You can save your victim-blaming, pro-criminal nonsense for someone more gullible. The rest of us see right through the hateful rhetoric that you’re spouting.