Shocking New Information Comes Out in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Last summer, the small city of Kenosha, Wisconsin was rocked by violent riots. Antifa and BLM thugs swarmed the streets, taunting police and smashing windows. They wanted to cause as much destruction as they could.

These rioters and thugs claimed they were doing this because they were angry at racism and police injustice. One of those who showed up to stand in their way was a teenager called Kyle Rittenhouse.

He traveled half an hour northeast from his hometown of Antioch, Illinois into Kenosha,  along with his rifle. Rittenhouse walked the streets, making sure rioters knew there were people who still cared about law and order.

Then, all hell broke loose. Rittenhouse killed two people and injured a third who was attacking him. Now, he’s on trial for murder, but new information has just turned the case upside down.

Shocking New Information

Any honest reporter will tell you so far, the Rittenhouse trial is going very badly for the prosecution. So far, all signs point to Rittenhouse acting in self-defense.

Now, new information shows one of those people coming after Rittenhouse literally had a loaded gun. The individual with a loaded gun was reportedly Gage Grosskreutz, who had his bicep blown off after Rittenhouse shot him in defense.

According to a witness called Jason Lackowski (who helped Grosskreutz when he was shot), Grosskreutz’s handgun had a bullet in the chamber. What this means is Rittenhouse was literally in danger of being killed.

He’d already shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber to death after they tried to steal his rifle and beat him to death on the ground. Then, Grosskreutz and a gang of people came after Rittenhouse with a loaded gun.

Lackowski is a veteran of our outstanding US Marine Corps. He, himself, went to Kenosha to protect the city as well. He also brought along his own AR-15 and enough ammo to cover in an emergency, as well as medical equipment.

Why Was Kenosha On Fire?

Last summer saw riots across the country after the death of George Floyd. BLM began using that to try to start violence and spread hate against police. The rioting in Kenosha, however, broke out after cops shot a black guy called Jacob Blake.

The city was definitely not in good shape, and various thugs roamed the streets in violent gangs, some armed. Rittenhouse left his home to try to stop the property damage and insanity.

He was packing an M&P-15 rifle made by Smith & Wesson, which is a type of semi-automatic rifle. Rittenhouse said his friend purchased the gun for him.

Now, he’s also being charged with illegal possession of a gun, in addition to the charges surrounding the shootings.

What a mess.