Shocking New Numbers on Stolen COVID Relief Money

The Democrats turned the COVID pandemic into an economic emergency by shutting down the economy. Then, they bulked up the COVID payout programs to pay people to stay at home and stay “safe.”

With COVID rates higher than ever, it might be worth asking how well that worked. Now, news is also emerging about the financial side of this whole situation and just how much money has been looted from the feds on behalf of fake COVID claims and fraud.

A report on just how much has been stolen will destroy whatever remaining credibility the Biden regime still has…

Report: $100 Billion of COVID Funds Have Been Stolen

It’s a field day for stealing taxpayer money right now. As the left fires up the printing presses and pays people off for closing their businesses, there are all sorts of opportunities to defraud the government.

People haven’t been missing the chance to rob taxpayer funds and bulk up their bank accounts. The Secret Service has been doing some investigating into what’s been going on and putting together what they find.

Using federal government data from different departments, Secret Service concluded over $100 billion in COVID relief funds have been stolen by people and businesses who weren’t legally entitled to it.

The Secret Service has a department dedicated to uncovering pandemic fraud and his name is Roy Dotson. According to him, this estimate is conservative, since he didn’t consider the data from cases still before the Department of Justice at the criminal level.

The bottom line is a lot of money is missing that shouldn’t be; our economy is more inflated than ever. Just a coincidence? Thanks, Biden.

How is This Happening?

There are various ways Dotson found people defrauding the system. However, the main point is the huge handout of over $3.4 trillion in COVID bailout funds to people and businesses was just too sweet an opportunity for fraudsters to pass up.

Let’s be clear: obviously, the people committing fraud are the ones you have to blame here. However, you also have to take a look at what kind of idiotic government would put in place inflated recovery programs without any real safety measures to stop people from lying and taking the money.

At least under President Trump, everyone just got a check. Simple and plain as that. Under Biden, there are all sorts of complicated handout programs that are only supposed to be for people particularly affected by COVID or COVID restrictions.

Yet, since they have no real way to check what’s going on, people just swarm the application sites and then collect a tidy payday.

It’s still unclear exactly how much may have been stolen and still not even noticed. As Dotson said, $100 billion is a conservative estimate.

It Gets Worse

According to Dotson, a lot of the fraud of the COVID relief programs is actually coming from foreign criminal groups.

They use US identities and addresses to make false applications; then, they collect the money and send it to secret accounts, where it can no longer be tracked.

With Biden already saying next year might have more COVID cash on the table, it’s time to ask him: when the hell did we agree to hand out taxpayer dollars to foreign criminals?