Shocking Truth About WHO Global Takeover Revealed

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a group of globalist medical researchers and doctors located in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s part of the United Nations and not in charge of the United States or our Constitution.

However, during the COVID pandemic, we saw how the WHO suddenly seemed to have power over our country and leaders.

They told us lies about the virus and where it started. They told us lies about how to treat it. They lied about everything.

Even worse, is that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia is compromised by China and refused to hold them responsible.

This is likely due to China’s heavy funding of medical infrastructure and hospitals in his home country.

Now, one of the leading doctors who refused to comply with the WHO is warning about what they plan next. This should worry every patriot…

Dr. Robert Malone Sounds Warning

Dr. Robert Malone helped develop mRNA technology. He became well known to most Americans after going on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to warn against COVID vaccines and lies of the WHO.

He’s helped give expert testimony that stopped the vaccine from being mandated as much as it could have been.

Louisiana was the last state trying to mandate the vaccine. However, it backed down after massive resistance and opposition from Republicans in the state.

Malone is warning the nation not to rest easy just yet. The reason is we’re in a much bigger conflict than we realize.

The Biden regime is actually working to form an agreement with the WHO to have the power to authorize a “health emergency” inside the US.

This basically means the China-run WHO could lock down our nation again and do even more damage to us than before.

Pushing the Vax on Kids

Part of the WHO declaring an emergency inside the US could include mandates for kids.

However, as Malone noted, kids are not in any serious danger from COVID. Even the CDC admits if they take the vaccine between 5 to 11, they are at much higher danger of getting seriously ill.

As Malone said, there is literally a higher chance of “death” and “hospitalization” for many who take the vaccines, especially kids.

This is extremely worrisome. We should all be thoroughly investigating why a Chinese-run corrupt globalist organization is about to be given the keys to our national decision-making by Joe Biden.

The Bottom Line

As Malone said, the “propaganda” about the vaccine and what happened during the pandemic is now being exposed for what it was.

Americans are rightfully angry and wondering when we will learn all the facts.

The Biden regime has zero right to shred our Constitution in favor of a pro-Chinese globalist conspiracy.