Shocking Witness Testimony Comes Up in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell is a rich socialite who was Jeffrey Epstein’s sidekick for years. She is accused of helping him recruit and pay off underage victims of sex trafficking. She is also being accused of further sexual crimes which are now coming out.

The reason new revelations are coming out is the Maxwell trial is now underway. Despite Epstein’s supposed “suicide” in a Manhattan jail in 2019, Maxwell is still alive. Now, her accusers are speaking out about the horrible things they say she did to them.

Maxwell’s Sex Crimes

Victims are speaking out about what they say Maxwell did to them. One says Epstein and Maxwell sexually assaulted her when she was only 14. This included one-on-one sex with Epstein, as well as orgies with multiple women where Maxwell participated and often touched her frequently in intimate areas.

The woman, whose identity is being referred to only as Jane to protect her privacy, said usually, she would get asked to go to Epstein’s house and massage him. It then became sexual and more people would come in and start participating in the sex party.

Recruited in the belief she would be a personal assistant to Epstein and get a lavish lifestyle, the victim soon found out it was much more sleazy than that. She then became trapped in a manipulative world of sexual abuse and perversion.

This testimony is directly opposed to what Maxwell’s legal team claims, which is she herself was a victim of Epstein. Her idiotic lawyer even went so far as to claim that she, like Eve in the Bible, was being blamed for what men do.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve actually read the Bible at all, then you’d be aware Eve actually is to blame for eating the apple and the resulting fall from the Garden of Eden…but don’t count on lawyers who defend pedophiles to know their Scriptures.

More Victims Coming Up

Jane is only one of four accusers who’s testifying and there are more to come. With all the witness testimony and evidence, it’s hard to see how any judge in their right mind could find Maxwell innocent.

Then again, the presence of deep state James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey, on the prosecution team is not reassuring at all. Still, the evidence is hard to ignore.

In her case, Jane says she met Maxwell and Epstein in the mid-1990s when she was at a classy summer camp for creative students in Michigan. A family tragedy amid the death of her father put her family in hard times.

Epstein and Maxwell talked to her and said since she also resided in Palm Beach, she should come to visit Epstein’s place. All the money problems and other issues would be taken care of.

Thus began the abuse in various locations and times, including multiple flights on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” airplane.