Sickening New Details Emerge in Case of CNN Producer Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

The situation at CNN gets worse by the day. A number of its employees have been caught up in sex scandals and sexual abuse accusations.

This includes host Don Lemon, former host Chris Cuomo for covering for his brother’s alleged crimes, producer Rick Saleeby accused of child porn, and former top producer John Griffin, accused of molesting a 9-year-old girl.

Griffin is facing charges and will appear before court tomorrow, but now, new evidence is coming out about something even worse that he tried to do.

This new evidence has caused the judge to keep him behind bars with no bail.

What Are the New Accusations?

Griffin will appear before court in Vermont, where Judge Nikolas Kerest put out a motion, saying Griffin will be held without bail. The reason? Griffin has repeatedly tried to use his wealth to pay off people to get out of trouble.

The judge correctly identified this arrogant, dangerous predator as someone who is wealthy and will do anything he can to get out of paying for what he’s allegedly done.

According to the charges against Griffin, he cruised around online, looking for women who wanted to pimp out their children in twisted sex games. Griffin bragged to them he “trained” young girls from seven years old on how to be sexually “submissive” to a man.

In specific charges for this case, Griffin is charged with arranging for a mom to voluntarily fly to him from Nevada with her 9-year-old daughter. He picked them up at Logan Airport in Boston.

Then, he drove them to his chalet in rural Vermont where he watched mother-daughter porn with them and is accused of sexually abusing the girl.

Drone footage from a drone Griffin had flying around also reportedly shows the young girl topless in her panties standing next to Griffin inside the house, bolstering the charges against him.

These aren’t just random allegations; in other words, they’re backed up by video evidence and numerous other pieces of proof.

How Did Griffin Get Caught?

Once the mom was done pimping out her daughter for molestation, she flew back to Nevada.

That’s when one of her family members somehow found out what happened and got in touch with Griffin, demanding he pay them off to keep quiet. That’s when Griffin reportedly send them $4,000 to keep their mouth shut. It’s far from the first time.

This arrogant CNN liberal also paid off a driver who he smashed into while drunk driving last October to not call police. They called the police anyway, which is part of how they know his pattern of paying people off.

Griffin was arrested on December 10 where he said he’s “ashamed” and tried to buddy up with them. Letters supporting Griffin from his wife and friends have been canceled since more and more details have come out about his case.

The Bottom Line

What kind of culture at CNN allows all this behavior to go on?

Throw the book at Griffin if he’s found guilty; as for the mom who allegedly let her own daughter be abused and whose relative took money from Griffin, instead of pursuing justice?

These people are pure trash who also belong behind bars; that young girl deserves a real family who aren’t abusers.