Sleepy Joe, Kamala and Obama All Get Utterly Humiliated

The recent elections in Virginia were a real nail-biter. The liberal media and establishment were fully lined up behind stuffed suit leftist Terry McAuliffe, but the people swung heavily towards Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin ended up winning in a landslide and the GOP also took over the state House and the Attorney General’s Office. The thing about these results is they’re very important for two reasons.

First of all, they’re a preview for 2022 and next year’s midterm elections. If this is how it turned out in purple Virginia, we can only imagine the map next year.

Secondly, these results show the modern Democrat Party is all out of gas. They just have no power to swing elections anymore.

The Democrat Party is Done

In order to try and install McAuliffe in office, the Democrats sent out Sleepy Joe Biden, Barack Obama, VP Kamala Harris, and leftist poster woman Stacey Abrams. All of them were telling people to vote for McAuliffe.

All their name recognition and power added up to nothing in the end. The fact of the matter is most people simply didn’t care. Biden even went to Virginia, pushing McAuliffe on voters and saying the former DNC chairman was a great fit because he used to run the state.

It all added up to nothing. People didn’t believe Biden and didn’t care what he said. Is it any wonder? The guy can’t even secure our southern border.

Obama Strikes Out

In addition to Sleepy Joe’s failed rally for McAuliffe, former President Obama went to Virginia in October, telling people McAuliffe was their man. According to Obama, people should be “fired up” about McAuliffe because he was a great candidate.

Obama’s words had no real effect and nobody cared. He slouched back home in his mom jeans to continue being an irrelevant former president who was left in the dust by history.

As for Harris, that walking advertisement for the broken Democrat Party? She went to Virginia and whined about how McAuliffe had to win if the state wanted to stay liberal next year and in future presidential elections.

Harris even had a special message for black churches in Virginia, telling them to vote for McAuliffe. Just how cringe and racist can you get? Ask Kamala, she knows. The woman literally has no shame.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is the Democrat Party is broken. Their leading figures just don’t have any sway among the public. You can claim Virginia is a conservative state, but that’s not really it.

Virginia is, at best, a purple state and it has plenty of liberals. It’s just that Biden, Kamala, and Obama have lost all their credibility. They can’t even influence a state election anymore, much less run a country.