Snapshot into North Korea: Man Executed for Selling Bootleg Movies

Kim Jong-un visiting Berlin by driver Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

North Korea is one of the worst countries in the world, if not the worst of all.

President Trump did his best to get its dictator Kim Jong Un to settle down and grow up; however, it didn’t work and they’re once again rattling the saber and oppressing their people horribly. 

The Kim dynasty has palaces, servants, and delicious feasts every day. Meanwhile, their people starve to death and die, but it also has a real stranglehold on any media or entertainment in the country. 

Chances are if you’re lucky enough to head out for a night in the town in North Korea, you’re going to be watching a propaganda show about the “evil Yankees” or how founder Kim il-Sung was a literal god. 

In order to protect that propaganda narrative, the regime will go to horrific lengths. 

President Trump Meets with Chairman Kim Jong Un by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

The Death Penalty for Selling Bootleg Flicks

In America, if you post copied movies you might get a warning on your computer not to use torrents. In North Korea you get killed, as an engineer at the Wonsan Farming Management Commission by the surname Lee recently found out. 

Lee has been selling banned copies of South Korean films and songs on CD and USB for around five bucks each to fellow North Koreans who wanted to have a little fun. Unfortunately, an informant caught him and reported him to authorities. 

The dictatorship quickly moved into high gear, arresting Lee and mowing him down in a firing squad at the end of April. 

They forced his own family to watch him be murdered and a crowd of around 500 onlookers, who got to see the consequences of selling “anti-socialist” materials. 

The authorities read out Lee’s “crime” and he was then gunned down with 12 rapid shots; his wife and kids fell to the ground in horror and sadness where they had been forced to stand in the front row to get a good view. They were then taken to a political prisoner camp for family members of those who disobey or displease the government. 

Those watching the execution had to hide their tears and emotional distress as they saw Lee’s family be packed off to the concentration camps unless they also wanted to be arrested. 

Hell on Earth

North Korea is cancer in the world. Its murderous ideology is the ultimate outcome of communism; if you even get caught watching a South Korean film in the country now, you will get life in prison or a death sentence. 

If you see someone watching, buying, or selling South Korean entertainment and don’t report it, you’re looking at seven years in jail.

Formerly, someone like Lee would have been sent to “labor or reeducation camps” according to the government-backed newspaper, now this kind of “light punishment” has been replaced by serious consequences under a new “anti-reactionary thought law.”

Translation: if you anger the regime, you’re going to eat a bullet pretty fast, and your family and friends might have to stand and watch it.