Some Bad Karma for Joy Behar on The View

Joy Behar is a liberal host on The View.

It’s a show in which she and a number of other liberal women, including Whoopi Goldberg, sit around and discuss how they feel about the news and various other topics.

Goldberg made headlines recently after scoring a two-week suspension for minimizing the Holocaust.

Whereas now it’s Behar who’s in the news, after falling down on the floor on live TV. Her coworkers Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin were shocked and embarrassed as they tried to help the shrill 79-year-old woman back on her feet.

Behar’s Bad Day

Goldberg just came back from her suspension, but at 66, she’s a lot fitter than Behar; she came over as quickly as she could to help the frail Behar.

A shaken Behar got up soon after, grinning but frustrated as her co-hosts talked about how difficult the chairs are to get onto. Behar made a joke about how she should sue someone, since it’s the first time she’s fallen in 25 years.

For a group of ladies who can’t figure out not everybody is a far-left liberal, it’s not exactly surprising they can’t figure out how to get their set stocked with chairs that are actually comfortable and non-dangerous.

Behar kept on with the show as normal and wasn’t injured, which is actually impressive for her age.

Behar Comments on Bob Saget’s Death

Speaking after the fall, Behar said to speak “seriously,” she warned anyone who had a bad fall like Bob Saget to get medical help.

Feeling sleepy and not knowing why after a fall can be a sign of serious internal bleeding or damage and can “kill you,” Behar warned.

For the record, Saget’s recent cause of death is still shrouded in mystery; the head trauma he suffered in a Florida hotel room is not fully congruent with the official cause of death.

Some have speculated on foul play or another cause of death; however, Saget’s family blocked the release of any autopsy details, saying they would cause undue suffering to the family.

Aside from commenting on Saget, Behar didn’t have all well-wishers on her side. She’s a bit of a mean old lady, to say the least. For one thing, Behar recently quipped that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was fouling up her vacation plans in Italy.

The week before, she cruelly insulted former co-host Meghan McCain and her husband Ben Domenech, claiming the Domenechs were showboats who felt the need to show off about their relationship on Valentine’s Day.

Behar also got some bad press for claiming she’ll continue wearing a mask going forward and then being photographed out in New York without one soon after.

The Bottom Line

Nobody really watches The View, but this clip will probably be making the rounds on the meme channels.