Spotlight on Nancy Pelosi’s Husband as Serious Fraud Accusations Come Up

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a political insider of the worst kind. It seems like she’s been in Congress since the building was first constructed; if anything is going on in legislation, Pelosi knows about it and she’s probably got a hand in it. 

I won’t get started on the Jan. 6 riots and her possible involvement in calling off President Trump’s orders for the National Guard, because today I’m focusing on her husband, Paul Pelosi. 

Paul Pelosi runs the Financial Leasing Services company in San Francisco. It’s focused on real estate, consulting, and venture capital investment. 

Good old Paul has had an extraordinary run of great luck on the stock market; although, now questions are coming up about exactly how he did that. 

Accusations of Insider Trading for Paul Pelosi

There are various accusations now swirling about Paul Pelosi and his trading activities. One of the primary problems comes from Amazon (AMZN) call options that Paul bought only a month-and-a-half before the DOD said it was cancelling its cloud contract with Microsoft. 

Translation: the DOD now has a massive contract up for grabs and one of the strongest contenders is…Amazon. 

What a coincidence!

The JEDI cloud services contract is huge; it’s worth more than $10 billion over ten years. Putting it out there for Amazon to potentially receive obviously increases the already surging share price. 

Therefore, that makes people like Paul Pelosi and his already very rich wife even richer. 

The Pentagon’s New Cloud Contract

The Pentagon’s new cloud contract will be for JWCC – Joint Warfighter Cloud Capabilty – and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is in the top running. In fact, other than Microsoft, AWS is the only company with enough cloud power to do what the Pentagon needs done. 

Amazon shares have spiked to their highest levels ever because of this decision; now, experts say that Amazon is moving to overshadow Microsoft. 

So what about Paul Pelosi? He bought between half a million and $1 million worth of calls on Amazon on May 21; Pelosi also bought Apple call options from $100,001 to $250,000.

The exact amount is simply not known because privacy law doesn’t allow the precise amount of the transactions to be released publicly. 

The only reason we even know about Paul’s suspiciously-timed big buys is because Nancy was required to admit them in her latest financial disclosures last week. 

Here’s the thing: this isn’t a one-off. 

For over a decade now, Paul has a pattern of buying tech stocks coinciding with changes in Pentagon contracts related to tech companies. 

Did Paul Pelosi Commit a Crime?

Experts say that Paul Pelosi likely has not committed a crime; it’s clear the Pelosis have been careful to skirt the law on this. 

There’s just no way to see at this point how you could “prove” Paul had advance insight about changes coming down the pipe…even though all of us know he almost certainly did. 

Furthermore, Paul bought Alphabet (GOOGL) calls just a week prior to the House passing legislation that gave him a big boost. 

Pelosi’s office denies any wrongdoing saying she has “no knowledge” of Paul’s portfolio. 

If you buy that, I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona, as George Strait sings…