Survivors of Communist Countries are Sounding the Alarm for America

Communism is a theory developed by the philosopher Karl Marx, but it’s more than just an idea. It’s an idea with a history in the real world. That history in the real world is terrifying and horrible.

It has cost millions of lives, ripped families apart, and cursed millions to death and destruction. Communism has one of the evilest histories caused by any idea in human history.

It has killed far more people than Nazism, terrorism, or any other extreme ideology. Those who have survived real communism know what it’s like.

Now, they’re sounding a loud alarm for America: this nation is on the verge of actually becoming communist in the worst way possible.

Here’s why…

Learning From History

The reason it’s so difficult to learn from history is pride. Every country and group always thinks it is different. They think surely they won’t make the same mistakes as “those people” did before.

Yet, then they go and do it. In terms of communism, you only need to look at the Soviet Union (USSR), communist China, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, and eastern Europe to see a history of pain and blood.

If America can still avoid this fate, we must do everything we can to do so. It is worth the trouble, because once you lose your freedom, getting it back costs far more than most people realize.

We are already seeing big tech censorship, politically correct comedy, cancellation of people who speak out, an entertainment industry in lockstep with the regime, the falsification of history, and the collapse of the economy for forced “idealistic” projects.

More? We have universities brainwashing students with communist propaganda, statues coming down in cities across the country, vaccine and mask mandates, and word policing where saying even a certain word can lose you your job.

You can smell crap from a mile away; that smell is communism. It’s not even remotely normal or OK, and conservatives who feel enraged about it have every single right to feel that way because it is evil.

Survivors Speak Out

Those who have survived communist countries have tried to warn America. People from Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and North Korea have spoken for years.

Former KGB (Russian spy) Yuri Bezmenov even tried to warn us years ago we were being intentionally collapsed by an extremist communist-style ideology.

Those whose families have disappeared, who have seen their businesses crushed, or have been trapped inside collapsing countries when their government cancels all travel visas and flights know what it is like.

It is not a joke and it doesn’t just suddenly go away. It’s what happens when you let communists take over. That’s what we’re currently dealing with in America.

Also, if we don’t start taking it seriously, we’re in for a very nasty surprise when we wake up to an all-powerful communist regime and realize none of this has been a drill.