Sweden and Denmark Ban Moderna COVID Shot, Due to Side Effects

Canada just put in rules that anybody over 12 who’s not vaccinated can no longer travel inside or out of the country by air or rail. All federal workers must have the shot or lose their job in a month.

Meanwhile, provinces have vaccine mandates and you can barely leave your house unless you are vaxxed. It’s the opposite story across the ocean, however, where Sweden and Denmark recently took steps to stop the dangers of the Moderna COVID vaccine after noticing a very high rate of horrific side effects.

Why Did Scandinavia Ban Moderna?

To be specific, Sweden is banning the Moderna COVID shot for anyone under 30 and Denmark is banning it for anyone under 18. The news caused the Big Pharma company’s stocks to tumble by more than 5%.

Furthermore, the publicity this is bringing to the dangers of vaccines definitely has them worried. The truth is more and more evidence shows the extreme danger of myocarditis in people who get COVID shots, especially young men under 30.

In Israel, around one in 7,000 people who are vaxxed are also experiencing serious heart inflammation and other issues. That’s a hell of a lot of people. Sweden’s version of Dr. Fauci is a man called Anders Tegnell.

He’s not a globalist, however, and has been agreeable to Sweden relaxing lockdowns and useless mask requirements. He said the new ban is being done to make sure shots are “as safe as possible” and actually stop the virus.

Instead of Moderna, Sweden and Denmark both recommend folks get the Pfizer shot or BioNTech shot.

Why Moderna?

Various other shots, like Pfizer, have also shown disturbing side effects; so it’s unclear why only Moderna is being singled out. However, according to Sweden, there is a clearer link between the Moderna shot and heart inflammation (myocarditis), particularly once you get your second shot.

The heart problems usually start in the 14 days after your second shot, according to the available clinical data. Moderna says the risk of heart inflammation from their vaccine isn’t any higher than from the other vaccines.

This is all Big Pharma games. The truth is this: even if you could prove the risk was extremely low, the long-term effects are simply unknown.

We also have no real data on control groups of the unvaccinated; the data is constantly being twisted to demonize those who decide not to get injected with the vaccines.

Further Developments…

It’s also worth mentioning that Slovenia banned Johnson & Johnson’s shot when a young lady died after getting it; many countries earlier this year also suspended AstraZeneca because of the blood clotting dangers.

These vaccines should be tested much more thoroughly before we start forcing them on every person. It’s no exaggeration to say this is a crime against humanity that violates the Nuremberg Code.