Taiwan Says It is on Brink of War with China, Seeking Military Help from Australia

Taiwan is also known as the Republic of China. In its opinion, it is the real China. In the opinion of communist China, Taiwan is their land and an upstart band of capitalist outlaws who need to be conquered.

This leads to ongoing tension and conflicts, but recently, the situation has escalated way beyond the level of comfort. War could break out very soon.

China’s Rampant Aggression Spreads

Taiwan is now actively preparing for war with China after China’s Army flew 38 warplanes over them in a show of force. Taiwan’s foreign minister is a man called Joseph Wu; he’s trying to do whatever is necessary to protect his country from the communist menace.

At this point, he is even asking for help from Australia, as this would give Taiwan a big strategic boost. Wu said Taiwan is completely “committed” to defending itself and ready to hit back hard if China launches an attack.

He said Taiwanese forces will engage in combat to “the end,” no matter what, and will never give up in their defense of the island. Wu is asking Australia to come closer to them in an alliance and share more intelligence and military assistance so they can be better prepared in the event of a Chinese invasion.

The fall of Taiwan would be a geopolitical nightmare that could set in motion a world war.

Australia Responds

At this point, Australia still doesn’t officially validate Taiwan as a country. The reason is Australia still wants good relations with China so they can enjoy trade and diplomatic benefits.

Australia says it hopes for a “peaceful” answer to the conflict with Taiwan through talking and negotiations. At the same time, Australia made it clear it does want to “strengthen” its bond with Taiwan.

This includes in the security field and in economics, where Australia has worked hard to include Taiwan in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The US and Australia have already been studying what to do if war breaks out.

One positive sign for them is the AUKUS deal; this deal is between the US, UK and Australia and will lead to an enhanced nuclear sub presence emanating from Australia.

Wu said these steps by Australia to take on a heavier burden in the “Indo-Pacific” are a very good sign and give Taiwan encouragement in its ongoing conflict with China. This is especially true, now that the threat of war looms closer than ever.

Taiwan Won’t Try to Get Nuclear Subs

Wu said China won’t be trying to get nuclear subs and they have a unique defense strategy to use against China, if necessary. The fact of the matter is China definitely has the massive upper hand here.

If they invade Taiwan, it will be extremely difficult to stop a mass takeover in a matter of days. We should also consider what the world could do if China imposed a strict naval blockade on Taiwan.