Taiwan Shakes Its Fist in the Face of Chinese Aggression: Is WW3 Next?

Taiwan is not a big country. It has a small landmass and a population of only 23.5 million, compared to China’s staggering population of 1.4 billion. Despite its proud military and people, Taiwan has a standing army of only 290,000, compared to China’s standing army of 2.8 million.

You can’t even really compare the two of them. Taiwan is simply much smaller; despite its powerful allies, such as the United States and Japan, the nation knows full well there is a very limited amount it can do if China decides to invade its shores.

Taiwan Takes a Bold Stand

Nonetheless, despite China’s superior firepower and forces, Taiwan is not giving up. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is standing up to Chinese communist evil by saying his country will fight to the last man.

He said this recently, in response to Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s ongoing and increasing threats to “liberate” and “reunify” Taiwan with mainland China.

As Tsai said, China isn’t actually interested in doing what’s best for Taiwan or any of its garbage propaganda statements. What China wants is to seize Taiwan’s rich economy and enslave its people as part of the Chinese’s growing communist empire.

The Taiwanese people are fully aware of the evil of the communist Chinese government and they know just how bad things could get if they do invade. Only days ago, dozens of Chinese war fighter jets pierced Taiwan’s air defenses for a flyover to show force.

The United States Responds…Kind Of

Part of what China is grumbling about is the exposure of a small amount of US special forces stationed secretly in Taiwan. They also don’t like that our ships do drills in the South China Sea and tell them to stop infringing on Taiwan’s territory.

Xi is backed by a very evil regime which hates America, hates freedom, hates God, and hates humanity. They want to wipe all human progress off the face of the planet in the name of “equality” and their sick high-tech surveillance communist vision of the future.

Xi has repeatedly threatened Taiwan and said China will do what is necessary to take it back. The Chinese military even put out propaganda, saying the island nation will be nuked repeatedly if even one Japanese military member steps up to defend it or respond in the event of a “liberation.”

Here’s the Truth

The truth is that Biden needs to do much more to stand up for Taiwan. Asserting a stronger posture is actually the best way to prevent war. Being wishy-washy on this matter is only going to lead to tears and bloodshed.

China needs to see a firm blue line in the sea that they know they can never cross without huge consequences.