Tampon Shortages Confirmed as Coming Soon

In Joe Biden’s America, shortages in essential supplies are quickly becoming par for the course. To this day, Americans still aren’t completely out of the woods when it comes to low supplies of baby formula.

Then, on top of that, the president warned that shortages in food can be expected. This comes at a time when grocery store prices are already surging, due to inflation and supply chain issues.

Now, yet another shortage has been warned as on the horizon. This time, it deals with access to tampons, per Breitbart News.

A Deep Dive into Tampon Shortages in the United States

Millions of women across the country use tampons when they get their monthly periods. News that these products will be in shorter supply than usual is not a very good feeling.

Procter & Gamble, the manufacturing company that creates various feminine hygiene products, put out a statement about shortages to come.

According to the company, Tampax is seeing a higher demand for tampon access and is diligently working to meet these needs. However, as things currently stand, everyone who requires these products may not be able to find them.

Inflation, meanwhile, is impacting tampons as well. Due to the increased cost of cotton and other similar materials, tampon prices have risen by 10% within the past 12 months.

Outrage From America’s Women

In light of word that tampons will be in shorter supply than before, many women have taken to social media to make their thoughts known.

Some warned a tampon shortage on Biden’s watch is a real slap in the face, especially since it’s coming at the same time as the existing baby formula shortage.

Others pointed out that Biden will lose support from female voters if women aren’t able to get the supplies necessary for their monthly cycles.

Other critics of the president wryly questioned whether or not Biden would end up having tampons flown in from other nations, as he did with baby formula.

With the baby formula crisis, the federal government sat on its hands for months before acting. Now, inquiring minds would like to know whether or not the government is guilty of a similar approach when it comes to the current tampon shortages.

With all the problems facing the White House today, a shortage in tampons is just another public relations nightmare the president’s handlers will be forced to clean up.

This isn’t something voters will soon forget, especially with the midterm elections being right around the corner.

What are your thoughts about the latest shortage of tampons that’s sweeping across the nation? Do you think the Biden administration could have taken action to prevent this? In the comments area below, you’re invited to share your viewpoints.