Ted Cruz Drops the Harsh Truth on Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Ted Cruz is not known to mince words. Despite the controversies during his political career, this guy is slowly and steadily being recognized for who he is: a heavyweight champion of the conservative movement.

Say what you will about Cruz, but one thing is for sure: he’s smart, he’s determined, and he’s not afraid to make leftists cry.

Most recently, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Cruz demolished the liberal lies that are holding our nation down.

He also saved some special insults for our propagandist-in-chief, White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Cruz Calls Out ‘Peppermint Patty’

Speaking at CPAC, Cruz went hard after the left, including hilariously joking that Nancy Pelosi is a witch who rides a broom. He also insulted Canadian leader Justin Trudeau for his assault on democracy and peaceful truckers who protested.

According to Cruz, we are in a fight for liberty against entrenched power; it’s up to people to stand strong for America more than ever. He said everywhere we can see, the attempts of the Biden regime try to back us into a corner and take away our rights.

Examples include vaccine mandates, trying to censor people like Joe Rogan, approving of people like Trudeau seizing trucker funding, and trying to deluge us with lies and propaganda.

The mouthpiece of those lies? In many cases, it’s innocent-looking White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who Cruz scornfully referred to as “Peppermint Patty.”

As an apologist for the globalist agenda of Biden, Psaki deserves all the mockery she can get.

Psaki Reacts

Psaki reacted by claiming she likes the nickname and it doesn’t hurt her feelings.

We all know she’s lying. Liberals like her get offended at even the smallest joke, and there’s no doubt she’s out crawling to find a safe space as we speak.

Meanwhile, she’s still cheerleading for the worst president in US history and supporting things like censorship. She recently gave Spotify a thumbs up for restricting Joe Rogan’s show with special warnings.

Psaki has also repeatedly talked about how not getting vaccinated puts others in danger and how it should be mandated. Perhaps she should save her advice since she’s already had serious cases of COVID multiple times, despite being triple-vaxxed.

Cruz Nails It

Speaking of the Clinton campaign’s spying on President Trump while he was in office, Cruz also said it was a much bigger scandal than Watergate.

He’s absolutely right…and we can all hope that ‘lock her up’ becomes a reality, instead of just a rallying cry.

Somebody needs to go to jail, that much is certain…and it’s vital that leaders like Cruz continue getting the spotlight as we move forward into the midterms.

It’s time for a red wave to sweep away all the riffraff who are leeching off our country.