Texas Congressman Michael McCaul Makes Terrifying Point About Taliban Threat

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul has served in Congress since 2005. He’s a smart guy and a top Republican who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

McCaul knows what he’s talking about, and his recent warning on Fox News is something that everyone should be paying attention to. McCaul issued a disturbing warning about the Taliban and why their current status is far worse than pre-9/11.

McCaul Sounds the Alarm Bells

As McCaul pointed out, the Taliban is much more dangerous than they were before 9/11. That’s because they now have US weapons and equipment. As McCaul also pointed out, Afghanistan is not near US allies.

It has China, Iran, Russia, and other hostile nations around it. This makes it the perfect place for a looming threat to once again build up with heavily-armed terrorists.

The Taliban are also able to score a big propaganda victory by celebrating Joe Biden’s disastrous pullout, along with the rapid fall of Afghan forces and the US-backed Afghan government. Heavily armed and full of arrogance is not a good combination, but it’s what’s now happening in Afghanistan.

Huge Drop in ISR Power

As McCaul notes, the US has experienced a huge drop in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) power in Afghanistan. Flying over Afghanistan from the Persian Gulf and allies there takes a long time.

The method for refueling will also be more difficult flying over hostile and non-allied countries. Afghanistan is all set up to grow into another nightmare, which is not to mention the nightmare it already is for the Americans left behind.

Reports have already emerged that the Taliban are going door-to-door looking for Americans and have stopped the ones they found from leaving Afghanistan.

‘It’s Worse’

As McCaul said, this situation is “worse” than before 9/11. Some may blame an overall failure, but the truth is you can lay this squarely at the feet of the Biden regime and their top generals like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs director Mark “White Rage” Milley.

Our military did their jobs, serving bravely in the face of terror right up until the end. Our intelligence community did their jobs, warning the Biden regime that Afghanistan was not stable and the government/Afghan army was not going to hold up.

Our people did their job, supporting the troops and trying to see an optimistic side to this 20-year war; Biden and his armchair generals didn’t do anything to pay back that trust. They slammed it in the dirt and abandoned our troops and commitments.

They left hundreds of millions of dollars in high-tech weaponry for terrorists and for China to reverse engineer. They failed so badly that it will go down forever in the history books.

McCaul is right; we need to start taking steps to make up for the treasonous failure of the Biden regime immediately so that we’re not caught off guard once again by terror.