Texas Governor Greg Abbott Says ‘Firing War’ Has Broken Out on Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has become a leading voice for liberty and American pride in the past several years. Along with people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Abbott has refused to give in to the bullying and treason of the Biden regime.

All Abbott has really done is demand the federal government does its job: protect our border and care about our country. That’s apparently too much to ask, however, and our border is in worse shape than ever.

In fact, with what Abbott just revealed, Biden and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas should be put in a cell and have the key thrown away. This is very, very serious.

What Did Abbott Reveal?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised Biden is allowing our border to be overrun by violent psychopaths and human trafficking victims. After all, Biden was VP under Barack Obama, one of the worst presidents in American history.

The man is responsible for Fast and Furious where guns were trafficked and used to kill American Border Patrol agents. Abbott is now revealing the situation on the border is leading to a narcoterrorist situation.

Heavily armed cartels are shooting at American Border Patrol agents and National Guard troops. Psychopathic drug dealers are taking potshots at our men and women in uniform and trying to engage them in combat.

The men and women of our frontline border protection and National Guard are in a war without proper defense, abandoned by Biden and his treasonous cronies.

As Abbott revealed, cartels have started to “open fire” on National Guard troops and border agents. This is war. Anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know what they’re talking about or isn’t loyal to the United States.

Abbott Warns of Worsening ‘Firing War’

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is not exaggerating here. As he says, this is becoming a “firing war” and there are particular areas where cartels are trying to murder our troops.

As he’s revealed, the violence and live fire is getting especially bad in Starr County, which is northwest of McAllen along the Rio Grande. The cartels are fanning out, trying to poke holes in our defenses and scare troops by shooting at them constantly.

This is getting worse by the day. Abbott noted that more troops are having to be deployed in order to fill holes on the border and make sure narcoterrorists don’t get through.

As for the Biden regime? Abbott noted they’ve “abandoned” the state of Texas and these areas along the border. Biden and his sad fools are simply letting armed terrorists go after American citizens and attack our troops.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after what Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pulled in Afghanistan.