Texas Has Started Busing Illegal Immigrants into DC

The crisis on our southern border is nothing short of an invasion. Every day, an estimated 10,000 illegal aliens try to cross the border in California, Arizona, and Texas.

Many are never even caught and enter the country undetected.

As a state which is bearing the biggest influx of illegals, Texas has had enough of this disaster. Governor Greg Abbott helped fund the construction of a border wall and spoke out repeatedly against Joe Biden’s failure to secure our nation.

Biden ignored him; so now, Abbott is doing something that will be hard to miss. He’s busing illegal aliens into the heart of Washington, D.C.

Maybe Biden will notice when there are migrant tents stretching for miles around the White House and cartels are fighting it out in the streets of Georgetown.

The Great Migration

Abbott’s plan to ship illegals to DC isn’t just talk, nor is it a joke.

He sent the first bus full of illegal immigrants to DC on Wednesday. It included around 24 illegal immigrants who were let off very near the US Capitol building in downtown DC.

A second bus full of migrants also arrived early on the morning of Thursday.

Abbott says the bus rides will continue; this is going to be very humiliating for Biden and the Democrats to explain why there started being so many random Mexicans all over their little elite mecca.

At the same time he’s beginning to offer these free, sightseeing tours to new arrivals in the country, Abbott has also been doing vital work with Mexico.

He’s been negotiating with Mexico’s Nuevo Leon to get stricter on its own border security patrols, working one-on-one to get the numbers down along Texas’ border.

This is exactly what the incompetent Biden regime and Kamala Harris have been unable to do. They’ve been floundering around and having no success in getting through to Mexico or Central America about border security.

Leave it to Abbott to accomplish more on border security than the entire administration of the federal government, and its fanatical leftist Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

No More ‘Toleration’ For Biden’s BS

Abbott said Texas simply won’t “tolerate” the insecure border anymore.

Speaking alongside Nuevo Leon’s governor at a press conference, he said trade with Mexico will be increasing at the exact same time as border enforcement increases.

Title 42 expires on May 23, which will also unleash a tidal wave of illegal immigrants who can no longer be sent back easily.

Title 42 was active during the pandemic and helped send many illegal immigrant asylum seekers home under emergency health measures.

Once it expires, 100,000 illegal immigrants a month are expected to face catch and release into our country, and that’s just those who get caught.

Abbott said his plan to send the illegals to DC is just about making sure that Biden and his government can “meet the needs” of these people, he said sarcastically.

Abbott also added Texas shouldn’t be alone in shouldering the “burden” of dealing with Biden’s crisis.