Texas Town is Being Robbed Blind by a Scammer Magician

Seguin, Texas is a small town located around three-quarters-of-an-hour east of San Antonio. It’s a quiet place where not a whole lot goes on, including crime.

Though lately, Seguin has been having a strange problem. To put it very simply, Seguin has been getting robbed by an amateur magician.

Here’s how he does it…

The Wal-Mart Wizard Strikes Again

Like many small towns across the country, Seguin doesn’t have a ton of business going on, but it does have a Wal-Mart. That’s where this tricky thief has now struck two times in a row.

In the last several months, Seguin police say local Wal-Marts have been robbed of over $2,700 dollars by an unidentified man. He uses a trick to convince cashiers they didn’t give him the right change.

Basically, what he does is he goes in, buys something, and pays in cash. Then, he uses a magician’s optical illusion to steal the money in front of the cashier without them seeing it.

He then points to the change and tells them he didn’t receive the right amount, since it’s now short of hundreds of dollars (that he pocketed).

Cashiers have fallen for it several times and now, Wal-Marts in the area are short over $2,700, as noted.

The Seguin police tried to have a sense of humor about it, asking local residents who see the man to call them so he can be hired for a “performance.” They also mocked his fashion sense, since he looks quite sloppy.

Here’s the Deal…

Before you get too sad about Wal-Mart’s losses from this amateur magician, keep in mind it’s one of the richest corporations on the planet. Its revenue estimate for 2022 is currently sitting at more than $572 billion.

Between profiting off Chinese labor, production, tax loopholes, paying off both political parties, and having its multinational status, Wal-Mart is not going to miss a couple of thousand dollars very much.

On the plus side, the company has at least given a lot of Americans jobs and says it will be hiring 50,000 more workers before the end of this month.

Maybe they would have a spot for a tracksuit magician at their location in Seguin. He could be a modern-day Houdini and show how to get out of handcuffs to interested shoppers.

The Bottom Line

This story is a bit amusing, but it’s also an important reminder of how hard things are getting in America. Small towns in particular have been economically gutted.

All you have to do is drive through rural areas and small towns anywhere in this country and you’ll see far too many storefronts boarded up with plywood and going out of business sales.

With inflation getting worse, crimes like this are likely to only increase.