Accusations Against CNN’s Don Lemon Just Got Even More Serious

CNN’s Don Lemon is a liberal superstar. He gets on his soapbox and speaks passionately about his supposed values, democracy, and whatever other word happens to sound good at the time.

He spent four years savagely attacking President Trump and his supporters. Lemon also has zero actual understanding of America or the real challenges facing this country. Lemon is just a diversity hire guy who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the behind.

Now, the sexual assault accusations against him are building up steam. Details are coming out as well about just how desperate Lemon is to shut them down and stop people from realizing he appears to be a creepy sexual predator.

Here’s What Allegedly Happened

Megyn Kelly interviewed a man who claims to be a survivor of Lemon’s sick abuse. This man is called Dustin Hice; he says he was the victim of an attempted sexual assault by Lemon in the summer of 2018.

According to Hice, who is straight and has a girlfriend, he saw Lemon at a popular bar in the Hampton’s at night time. Hice jokingly offered to buy him a Lemon Drop drink, which pissed Lemon off.

Hice got the message and left him alone, since Lemon seemed drunk and out of it. However, five minutes later, Hice says Lemon approached him elsewhere near the bar.

From here, Lemon started rubbing Hice’s genitals and then forced his head back, shoving his fingers under his nose, and demanding to know whether Hice liked “p***y or d**k” repeatedly.

Hice was disgusted and headed directly for the exit, leaving the bar. Now, he’s filing a lawsuit, which Lemon has allegedly tried to settle out of court three times.

Lemon’s Lawyer Responds

Lemon’s lawyer has responded to the most recent interview, saying only showing Hice’s side of the story shows a bias against Lemon. The lawyer also claims Lemon never tried to settle, only offering “$8,000” as a “nuisance” fee.

According to Lemon’s legal team, Hice is doing this for money and asked for $1.5 million in settlements if he would keep what happened private.

There are photos of Hice in front of Lemon’s home that have surfaced. This shows he definitely does not like Lemon, but it’s not clear if these are from before or after the alleged assault.

If the photos are from afterward, then it’s totally understandable. If they are from before, then it could help prove Lemon’s claim Hice is against him and making this up or going after him for money.

The Bottom Line

There are allegedly witnesses to what happened and there’s no doubt Lemon thinks highly of himself. This case remains to be tried, but what’s clear at this point is those who claim to care so much about sexual assault and victims’ rights are lining up to defend Lemon.

As usual, the hypocritical left is playing out its familiar script.