The Biden Administration is Literally Collapsing

The Joe Biden White House has not been a happy place to work.

We’ve seen an ongoing exodus of individuals from Vice President Kamala Harris’ team and we’ve also seen a number of resignations under Biden.

There is clearly something about the leadership styles of this duo that rubs people the wrong way.

There’s really no higher honor than serving your country in uniform in the military or serving it in a presidential administration.

When people are bailing out on the administration and reentering the job market, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Why Are People Quitting So Much?

First, let’s take a look at the latest resignations.

Biden’s head speechwriter, Jeffrey Nussbaum, said Tuesday that he’s quitting. He looked pretty relieved to be headed out the exit door after only serving for a bit over one year.

Then, you have two other high-ranking staffers who are also calling it quits, including important top advisor to the chief of staff Elizabeth Wilkins, and another who will be on an extended break from work.

Is this just their personal life issues? Possibly. One staffer named Daleep Singh is taking a leave of absence, due to problems in his family.¬†Though in Nussbaum’s case, he never said anything about that, nor have the staffers.

Is it perhaps that they want to pursue other opportunities? Well, in his case, Nussbaum does have a book being released shortly. Yet, if he was loving his job, he could remain there and write even more books about it once he’s out.

The Liberal Scam

The liberal book scam is very profitable, as we’ve seen with things like Obama’s Dreams of My Father, Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and the constant books that get churned out by people like Hillary Clinton and others.

Hunter Biden even wrote a book to cash in on his dad’s election victory and bank on his name ID. He should likely be in jail, but instead, he’s getting money: welcome to the Democrat-run America.

As for Wilkins, she has a long history of her family members working in previous administrations and there doesn’t appear to be a strong reason for her to quit.

As the midterms approach and things look worse and worse, various members of the Biden regime are looking to jump out before the fire gets too hot.

They want to write their books, get their jobs in private firms, and become talking heads on CNN or other liberal networks. They don’t want to face the mess they’ve created when they get massively humiliated this November by a Republican takeover.

The Bottom Line

The Biden White House has become a revolving door.

Nobody really wants to work there, and even Biden looks like he’s had enough. If you’re lucky enough to understand what he’s saying, he usually sounds kind of angry or irritated.

Is he really planning to run again in 2024? Enough is enough.