The Biden Regime is Increasing the Flood of Illegals Into the US

The Biden regime has been against the American people since the day Sleepy Joe stepped into office. Failure to secure our southern border has had disastrous consequences that are getting worse by the day.

Now with the expiry of Title 42, many thousands of illegals are trying to get in.

Though instead of sending them home under stricter rules, the Biden regime is practicing the cheap trick of catch and release. Yes, seriously.

Catch and Release

The Biden regime is telling border agents to let illegals go. This practice of catch and release has been going on for years. It is part of why the country is now flooded with illegals.

Many illegals are being let go without even a court date; those who are given a court date rarely show up.

As the end of Title 42 started on May 11, the southern border was already flooded with illegals, topping 11,000 per day even before the expiry.

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, Biden is not enforcing US law and his allowance of “catch and release” is a travesty.

Others have also spoken out against the Biden regime, noting that they are part of a “human trafficking network” and enriching cartels and criminals who traffick migrants.

America is a Nation of Laws

As Abbott said, America is “a nation of laws.” US law has to be enforced.

Letting illegals out into the country with no way to even keep track of them is a terrible idea; it’s outrageous that it’s been already going on for so long.

The Department of Homeland Security led by Alejandro Mayorkas says only “certain migrants” who have been judged to pose no threat to “public safety” are being caught and released.

At this point, who really trusts the federal government when they say that?

Let’s Be Real

Over six million illegals have entered America since Biden became president. Now, it’s getting even worse. The Democratic and Republican establishment seem to have very little political will to stop it.