The Border Crisis is About to Get a Lot Worse

The crisis on our southern border has been a disaster for our nation. Last year, in 2021, over two million illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross the border. That’s just those who were caught.

Many were sent back to Mexico, but many others were allowed into the United States on asylum claims and released with court dates they never showed up for.

Now that crisis is about to get a thousand times worse, and here’s why.

Biden is Going to Let Title 42 Expire

Title 42 is a law which was put into action under President Trump. It helps send illegal immigrants back to where they came from quickly based on public health.

However, Title 42 is set to expire this week, and Joe Biden shows no sign of renewing it. It’s actually the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who makes the recommendation on renewing the law for two months more.

Yet, since the official COVID numbers are down and the world’s attention is focused on the war in Ukraine and inflation, many conservatives fear Biden will use this as an excuse to let the law lapse.

The result would make last year’s border crisis look like peanuts, compared to what’s coming; it would remove one of the main justifications for sending many illegals back where they came from.

If Title 42 is gone, it will be much harder to legally deport illegals out of the United States at the point of entry. When you’re talking about literally millions of people, that’s a fully-fledged crisis on the way.

Homeland Security Prepares for a Flood

As the CDC gets ready to talk about its opinion on renewing Title 42, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it is preparing for what to do if it expires.

According to DHS, they will be working hand in hand with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to deal with the expected onslaught.

They say they project around 18,000 illegals per day to hit the southern border, which will take holding facilities and border services to their absolute maximum.

DHS says the expected “significant” uptick in illegal migration will be a large jump from what they’re currently experiencing, which is the already very high number of around 7,000 illegals per day caught on the border.

The Bottom Line

DHS has made it clear that our border abilities are already maxed out. We need much more space and capability if we’re going to survive 18,000 illegals a day on the southern border.

A far better idea would be for Biden to do the right thing for once and renew Title 42. Then again, that would require common sense and putting our country first for once; so it’s fairly unlikely it’s going to happen.