The Border Crisis is Getting Worse

McCaskill Gets Firsthand Look at Security Efforts Along U.S.-Mexico Border by Senator McCaskill is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

VP Kamala Harris has been in Guatemala and Mexico trash-talking their governments over the border crisis; meanwhile, she’s doing nothing to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the problem is still very bad.

Even though fewer unaccompanied kids and families came into the US illegally from Mexico last month, the overall numbers are way, way up.

In fact, over 180,000 illegal immigrants crossed our southern border last month; this is a big spike from April. 

The situation just gets worse and worse. Calling Biden the “Migrant President,” as Mexican President Amlo did, is fully accurate. 

US-Mexico Border by Ðenise is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

What do the Numbers Say?

Even though the number of unaccompanied kids is down, there were still 14,158 last month – and that’s just those who were recorded. It’s also only down a few thousand from April’s number of 17,148, so optimists shouldn’t get their hopes up too much, at this point.

Part of the reason that unaccompanied kids are sent to the border with traffickers is this: unlike adults, kids can’t be expelled from the US; they are allowed to stay under US asylum rules.

This is part of what’s led to the surge of kids stranded in the desert, alone, dropped over borders, drowning in rivers, and sitting in Biden’s crowded cages. 

Even though the number of unaccompanied kids was down slightly last month, that doesn’t mean this crisis is over or even seeing a real reduction. 

The overall number of illegal immigrants is massively higher as stated. In fact, border apprehensions are at their highest level in two decades.

Adults who get stopped at the border and sent back simply regroup and try again the next day. The single adults’ category is the biggest factor driving the increase of last month’s illegal immigrant numbers. 

It’s extremely important to emphasize this: there are no actual, lasting consequences for trying to illegally migrate. 

In total, there were 44,794 families stopped at the border last month; this is down from 50,228 in April. 

Biden’s Border Breakdown

May has been the worst month yet for the Biden administration. A lot of the numbers are coming from other countries than Mexico, including huge numbers of Cubans, Haitians, Ecuadorans, Brazilians, and African citizens. 

As our prices rise with inflation and COVID aftershocks continue to hurt small businesses, this is exactly the wrong time to open the border floodgates. The Biden administration fully deserves blame for allowing Trump’s progress to be undone.

Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giamattei straight up said Biden is to blame for the border crisis and he told the truth. It’s time to stop making excuses for these politicians who are leading our nation down the wrong path. 

Biden, Harris, and their whole disaster of an administration deserve only scorn, blame, and skepticism for the way they are running everything – especially the border.